Fairphone wanted for young Climate activist

Dear Fairphone community,
My daughter Grace is becoming more and more prominent in the movement to promote awareness of climate emergency. She is dedicating her life to try to save the world. She is 13, and deeply committed. A vegan who only has cold showers (to save energy) and public transport.
She attends all the school strike action days, and regularly speaks at them. At the recent Uprising in Bristol, Billy Bragg tweeted how impressed he was with one of her speeches (https://twitter.com/billybragg/status/1151198356791857152, https://twitter.com/ElmGrace/status/1153666737570832384). People take notice of her, and she is part of a growing global network. Locals call her “Frome’s own Greta Thunberg”.
She uses a shared secondhand iPhone to communicate with her colleagues, and to help co-ordinate actions. I was with her on the Climate Strike in Bristol on Friday. Her iPhone soon ran out of battery and was useless to her.
Her 14th birthday is very soon, and I have been investigating buying her a ‘new’ secondhand phone, and not having much luck.
She would make very good use of a Fairphone, and would be a brilliant and passionate ambassador for them.
Is there anyone out there who can help us please?
Warmest wishes


I think you need to clarify if you can only accept a Fairphone as a gift or if you are willing to pay for it. The category “Giveaway” in which you posted is only for offering free items.


Wouldn’t it be an option to just get a new battery for the iPhone (if that is the only problem)?

Depending on why the battery ran out so quickly a pre-owned FP2 might be not an ideal option because the FP2 is not known for its excellent battery life.
It’s probably just an assumption but if the people use the phone for recording and sharing lots of videos/pictures on social media, an FP2 might not last an entire day and the quality of the videos/pictures is not comparable with those of an iPhone.

The FP3 on the other hand has been reported to have a much better battery life and a somewhat better camera.

But again, depends on the use cases…


Wow you must be really proud of your daughter. :slight_smile:

I also think you have 3 viable options here:

  • repair the iPhone (if that works and doesn’t cost too much it’s the most economic and ecological option)
  • get a used FP2 (if she needs Facebook to communicate with her colleagues she should use an alternative app from F-Droid or the FP2 battery won’t last long either)
  • get a new FP3 (if she sends in her iPhone to Fairphone she’ll get it for 430€ (20€ discount) - though reselling it locally might get her more than 20€)

I’d also recommend a (used) (solar)-powerbank to charge the phone on the go. Last Friday I was on 6 consecutive small demonstrations and even though I didn’t use my FP2 all that much it wouldn’t have made it through the day without my solar-powerbank.


Thanks for your reply urs_lesse.
I couldn’t see an appropriate category for my request. If you know of a better one, then please let me know.:slight_smile:
I was throwing it open to any kind of offer - preferably a donation, but also if someone wanted some money towards it then of course I would consider that too.

Hello Ingo.

Thanks for your help.

I didn’t realise that it was possible to change the battery in an iphone, so that is good to know. Although if the replacement batteries are as poor as those I have bought for my macbook, then the joy would be short-lived!
However, it isn’t the only issue. Grace shares the phone with her two brothers, and needs one of her own now.

The FP2 info is very helpful too, and your assumption is probably pretty accurate for a day of activist action. Sadly there is no way we can afford a FP3, but I am getting a clearer picture of Fairphones. :+1:t4:


Yes paulakreuzer, I am! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help.

I’ve answered Ingo above about the iphone:

That’s great to know about the alternative facebook app, although she is only on Twitter thus far. Also about your powerbank. Grace knows she needs one too - especially for XR 7/10/19. Can you recommend one please?

Used FP2 sounds the way to go, as we can’t stretch to a FP3.

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I’d say that still fits under #market:buy the most as that is the only category where you are supposed to post if you want something - unless you have something to #market:swap for the Fairphone.

I am using a no name-powerbank that I got very cheap - almost like an advertising freebie. I’m quite happy with it, though I’m sure there are much better ones - but I don’t have any experience with others.

I’d generally look for:

  • a small powerbank that fits in the pocket
  • capacity to re-charge the phone at least 2 times fully
  • if it’s a solar device that’s a bonus, but solar won’t be enough, so make sure it can be charged by plugging it into an outlet too

Well you’re here at the right time then. There will probably be some FP2 users who are switching to the FP3 right about now. Also check for existing offers in the #market:sell category.
Good luck. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much paulakreuzer.

Getting a bit confused with categories, is my post in #market:buy now?

how many times are you recommending please?

Brilliant! Thanks very much. :slight_smile:

Any upgraded/upgrading FP2 users interested in helping us out please?

Warmest wishes

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Yes, I moved it.

Oops. 2 times. More is of course even better.

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:pray:t4: Thank you!

And great. Now I know what to look for.

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