Fairphone users in the United States?

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Are there any Fairphone users here in the United States? Specifically, the SF Bay Area / Northern California?
Are they Apple or Google compatible?
Who are the phone service providers?
I REALLY want to get rid of my iPhone.

Thank you.


Some US users emerged over here …

… but keep in mind the big hurdles mentioned in your old topic still stand and aren’t going anywhere.


How did you get one to the US? I want one!

  • #resellers shipping worldwide (e.g. Vireo)
  • Sellers in the Market category of this forum willing to ship it to you
  • Family or friends in Europe who could act as a proxy to buy it and send it to you

Keep in mind the Fairphone 2 is not designed for use in the US and Fairphone provide no support over there …


I wish! Also in the Bay Area. And would love to no longer rely on Apple.

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