Fairphone Use in Japan bmobile visitor sim doesnt work

i am now in Japan and I want to use the bmobile visitor sim data card. But I cant get any connection and furthermore: my german sim card, which is in Slot 1 doesnt work anymore, i the bmobile data card is in slot 2. I checked the APN and all the other stuff.
Does anyone faced the same problem than me?

It sounds like in Japan they use other band frequencies than in Europe. Note that the FP (among other reasons) only ships in Europe because of the network limitations.

See here: http://de.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triband

But my German sim card gets a connection to Japanese networks. So the FP does work in Japan.

If I understand the technical specifications and the resulting consequences correctly:
I would say that your Japanese sim card operates in mobile network types that are not supported by the Fairphone, while the German sim card is able to connect to a different network operator in Japan, who is using the supported network types.
Check the full list of Japanese network operators, you can see that others support more/different frequencies than b-mobile.

As for why your German sim card does not work when the Japanese sim card is in slot 2 I don’t know.

Thank you for answering!
As far as I see, it should work at 2100/WMCDA 3G or amI wrong?

You’re quite welcome!
I don’t think so. Fairphone doesn’t support 4G/LTE and if I understand correctly the 2100 MHz frequency of the b-mobile network is specifically for LTE, not 3G.

Not so sure…network specs say “2100(I)/800(VI) MHz UMTS, HSPA” and UMTS = 3G (or WCDMA). So I’m inlcined to think that it should work (see http://maps.mobileworldlive.com/network_info.php?nid=325&org_id=4222&cid=130 )
Maybe Daniel could try to lock the phone to 3G and see if that helps? Settings > Wireless & Networks - More… > Mobile networks > 3G service > Network mode > WCDMA only. Also, check that 3G is enabled for the bmobile card.

Oops, totally overlooked the 2100 MHz in the first line in my own quote … :sweat_smile: You’re right then, according to the specs it should work! Thanks for correcting me!

I tried everything. It just didn’t work. The sim card is OK, since it works in another smartphone. Damn.

Hi! I am experiencing the same issues with my Fairphone in Japan. I currently have a b-mobile visitor SIM card, and I cannot get connection to anything here.

I was planning on buying a Data only SIM card (since that is what people seem to use mostly here), but I do not think that will work either, since those utilise the LTE/4G network, and the Fairphone only supports 3G.

So, if there is no solution, it looks like I have to buy a new phone for the time being, which is a real bummer, since I am very happy with the Fairphone.

But, before I go ahead and buy a new phone, I would like to be absolutely sure that the Fairphone does not work in Japan. So: is it so that the Fairphone simply does not work in Japan?

Any help on the subject from you who have experienced this personally, or any other person with insight, is greatly appreciated. I have been without a phone for 2 weeks trying to figure this out, so all help is very welcome.

Thank you so much!

Has anyone got any input on this? Would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

I have no experience with bmobile, but what I know is:
APN-settings for bmobile are:
APN: bmobile.ne.jp
User name:
bmobile@fr (1GB)
bmobile@U300 (14Days)
Password: bmobile
Authentication type:

Make sure that you have selected 3g for bmobile.
Go to System settings,
tap "More"
tap "Mobile networks"
tap on '3G-service’
and set the 3g to ‘bmobile’.

Just to summarise. It is not possible to use the Fairphone on the Japan bmobile network as the Fairphone does not support the LTE/4G networks that the network is using.

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