Fairphone updater how to use it

I have FP2, got it a couple of weeks ago.

  1. I tried to go to apps/Fairphone updater to see what version I have, but I didn’t find any information about my OS version. I then tried to force the program to quit.


  1. how to get the updater working again?

  2. Why can’t I see the OS version in the updater-app. I just get alternatives like
    inactivate/force to quit
    open as standard
    (my translation from Swedish)

Am I on the wrong app?

When I go to “about the phone” I find as last a “version FP”-gms-17.09.3.release-keys" Does this mean I don’t have upgraded to the October-version of the OS?

thanks and greetings from Finland!

Berndt H

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Oh, you took a complicated path instead of the direct one :wink: Just tap on the central icon on your start screen (the icon that includes 6 little dots in a white circle) to see an overview of all your apps in alphabetical order. That’s where you can launch the updater.

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Okey… I did try to look for “Fairphone updater” thru the startscreen, but the correct name in the list is just “updater” so I did’t look for it…

Oh, you learn new things everyday. :upside_down:

and, I do have the old OS, so I will install the new one right away.


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