Fairphone Updater and advanced mode

Hey there,

I’ve read several threads here, but I can’t find a proper answer…

I’ve just bought an FP2 and I ran the updater. It now says my current OS version is Fairphone OS 18.02.0 and that “OS is up to date”. (Special update has been installed too.)

Below that, it asks “Are you an advanced user ? Switch to advanced mode” (or its equivalent in french). When I click it and go through the next screens explaining that I’m gonna install “android for fairphone”, it ends up on a loading page, displaying “download started” and “please wait”. However, the loading bar won’t move at all.

Wifi is on, battery is full, no google-stuff is disabled, I make sure the phone doesn’t go to sleep mode.

Does anyone know anything about “advanced mode”, “android for fairphone” and what’s potentially going on ?

Thanks !

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I’m interessted in this too !! :slight_smile:

What is exactly showing in the updater?
On my phone is says:
Fairphone Open 18.02.0
and if I enter the advanced mode, I get Android for Fairphone.

If you phone also says:
Fairphone Open 18.02.0 then you are on the open source version of Fairphone.

Android for Fairphone is the Android 6.0 version which comes with Google.

Have a read here for more details on the different operating systems.

I’ve checked that again and it says “Fairphone OS 18.02.0”.

When I click on advanced mode it display “Android for Fairphone”. After that there’s an information icon it the top right corner, if I click on it it describes Android for Fairphone as the recommended OS, “having the Peace of Mind, Edge Swipe and Last used / Most used Apps widgets”.

So my phone’s OS suggests me to install itself again ? :astonished: Or am I missing something ?

No, you are not.
For some time (when FP2 was still on Android 5, iirc) the “Advanced mode” installed the full version of the OS, whereas “normal mode” only did a delta install.
However, since the first Android 6 version, only delta updates are offered
So imo both modes are basically doing the same at the moment.
On the forum there was rumour that it it should be possible to switch from FP OS to FP Open OS using “Advanced mode”, but that was never the case as long as I was using FP OS (until fall 2017).

What is a delta install ?
So, the Peace of Mind widget they mentioned, it should be part of the full version ? Because I don’t find it on my phone.

Thanks for the answers :slight_smile:

As far as I know the “Peace of Mind” wasn’t included in the Android 6 version.

Ok then ^^ Thanks !!

If I am right the proper term should be incremental update. So not the full OS pack of several hundreds of megabytes is downloaded and installed but only the latest update/patch or upgrade pack available containing only the most recent changes according to a changelog/history.
But if having to update manually and doing all by yourself (for whatever reason) one may also download the full OS pack and install it e.g. using a computer.
May be necessary if automatic updating fails, switching between different OS types, new display replacement (https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/207914363-Manually-install-Fairphone-OS-for-the-Fairphone-2)


I get it now ^^ And thanks for the link, I could use it some time ^^

Well if you are a person curious testing different OS for your phone or like to experience what´s possible to do with it, which is nice in general. There are also very experienced FP/Smartphone users in this forum too which actually is good for help with troubleshooting and in-depth knowledge to share.

If not of this type I do hope you will never need this. :sweat_smile:

I have done similar crucial things like this occasionally like upgrading firmware or flashing new software/bios.
Satisfaction is guaranteed if all goes correct. It may only take a few minutes…but let something unforeseen occur…then the fun is spoiled and you know what´s planned for the coming weekend. A few FP users in this Forum got their phone bricked by trying to switch OS or performing such basic steps. Getting it up again may be very time consuming and demanding. A massive benefit it is having users with in-depth knowledge to share at hand.

Many other things may remain useless unless someone wants to return them to the manufacturer for fixing.

I don´t know if FP can be (soft) bricked to a total uselessness, but computer mainboards still can be.
Sometimes I tend to not changing a running system. Actually I have no issue with my phone, hopefully it stays this way for some more time. This is one of the first 17.000 causing no headaches.

I can see what you mean ! I’ve tried a few things like these with my computer, and everything went pretty well, but they do seem more hazardous with a mobile phone. I think I’ll try this only if I have to, or if I become experienced enough (but I guess I should test these manipulations on my old smartphone first !).

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