Fairphone support staff won't answer and my phone won't turn on

Good morning,

A few days ago, my FP2 blocked and then turned off and I haven’t been able to turn it on again or charge it.

So I sent a question to Fairphone Support Staff to see what I could do and no one answered. I normally get a quick answer but, this time, that is quite urgent because I have no phone and I need to travel soon, I haven¡t received any reply.

Is Fairphone staff working during the summer? Do you know if I could do something to get a answer? Did anyone else have the same problem?

I’ve seen there is a phone number but I’m at work during the time the telephone is avalaible.

You might try to send the report again, maybe it got lost. Or maybe @Douwe can help you?

Call them.

My last support ticket was unanswered for a month (except for automated replies that were no help at all). Calling them made things faster.

Hello :slight_smile:

Just a few basics:

  1. Have you tried a different charger?
  2. Do you know anyone else with a Fairphone, so that you could borrow their battery just to test if your battery is faulty?
  3. If you plug the phone into your computer, does anything happen?


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Thank you for all the answers.
Yes, before sending an email to the Support Staff I did search in the Forum and tried every advice I saw.

I finnally managed to call them and they found my email and quickly helped me trying to solve the problem.

It seems like the bottom module (where the charger is) might be failing so the already sent me one.

Thank you again

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