Fairphone support not responding and my Fairphone is broken


I have a problem with my Fairphone. So I wrote to Fairphone 2 weeks ago and still haven’t got an answer.

Maybe someone can help me. I have the Fairphone 3 and a few weeks ago the display suddenly stopped turning on. My first thought was that the display module had somehow broken. But I tried the module on another Fairphone and it worked there. I then found out that two contacts on the main part are broken (see attachment). I have had the phone for two and a half years now, which means I am out of warranty. I’ve also tried taking it to a local repair shop (who officially repair Fairphones). They tried to repair it for a couple of weeks, but it didn’t work either.
My question now is should I send it to Fairphone for repair? Do you think they can repair it? Or what else should I do?

I would appreciate a quick answer, as my father will soon be ordering a Fairphone and if mine is beyond repair, he can order two.

Kind regards Jan

Maybe give them a call? Their online support desk is indeed overloaded and respond slow. If they pick up the phone, then you may get all your answers.


Sadly that looks like the mother board. A replacement is a fair bit.
It’s a very unusual damage?

Here’s a replacemnet quote

At that cost I would try again to get a repair, soldering small bits of brass may work but it is fiddly.

Another alternative is to try and build up the screen connector, but that may damage the screen so not really a great idea.

Howvere you may find a #fairphoneangel near you that could take a look and give some hands on advice.

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