🇦🇹 Fairphone-Stand bei der WearFair +mehr 2018 in Linz

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The Austrian Fairphoners will have a booth at Wear Fair in Linz this year! We will be there on all three days. Visit us at our booth (Halle A, Stand 3)! :smiley:

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Hey! My husband and I live in Linz and both have FP2.

Are there going to be FP2 spare parts available at the WearFair?

I’d happily wait until October and you could use our cracked screens and malfunctioning microphone modules to demo how easy repairs are.

I know of at least 3 other people in Linz with FP2 and am slowly encouraging more people to switch over as their unfairphones bite the dust.


Yes, definitely. :slight_smile:


Excellent! That may tempt me to upgrade my camera module too.


Hey Stefan, we have FP2-XCVR and need 2x screens, 1x battery and 1x microphone module. We’ll be there on the Saturday.


Als Einstimmung auf die WearFair in einer Woche: Das Video von letztem Jahr.


Ob das letzte Stück vom Video wohl mit einer fairen Drohne aufgenommen wurde? :wink:


Fairphone is featured on the WearFair homepage:

Only 1.5 days to go!!!



Aufbau ist voll im Gange.


Beim Stand

Urban Mining Workshop


Austrian Television (ORF) made a short video about the WearFair today:


Is there a feature about Fairphone?


Watch the clip and see for yourself :wink:
“Umweltgerechte Konsumgüter
01:40 Min”


My bed neighbour already tries to sleep. :wink:


Impressions Friday 12.10.2018

Saturday 13.10.2018


Full House



Thanks Fairphone for sending us Tina-Marie. I don’t think any one of us would have volunteered to give an interview to the ORF.

And thanks Irphonohpri for sending us these cool stickers. How ever would we have spread the word without them? :smile:


Last Man Standing.

Some Stats:

  • revenue: 720€
  • flyers distributed: all
  • vocal chords: stressed to the max
  • cough bonbons consumed: ? (5 alone by me)

Material that we’ll need next time:

  • more cough bonbons
  • more flyers
  • more screwdrivers
  • more space (min 2 tables)
  • current factsheet