Fairphone shop website woes

My FP3 battery started to bloat after 2 years 3 months of faithful service so I decided to order a new one, but the ordering process didn’t go smoothly.

Fairphone charges £5 more to deliver to my home so I chose a local collection point. The shop ignored my choice and selected another location which is a bit out of my way?!

When trying to pay I had to un-tick a checkbox because the order wasn’t being delivered to the billing address. Seemed a bit counter intuitive to do that seeing as I’d already selected the local collection option, but worse, the site then wanted me to fill in the address of that pick up location ( details on the previous screen ).

At some point the site also replaced my home billing address with ( the wrong ) pick up location. The order still shows my correct billing address so it must have happened after that order was created?.

My order ended up shown as ‘pending’ with no payment method and no way to add one, edit or delete the order. Epic fail !

I decided to have a go placing a duplicate order using a different web browser ‘Google Chrome’. When I did, Avast immediately started complaining that the ‘g9508048080.co’ domain is blacklisted. That domain is 1 of at least 7 third party domains used by the shop. Any ideas what this one does?

Breakthrough : I telephoned Fairphone and a very helpful lady answered. She emailed me a link to pay the pending order which is now confirmed. It’s still going to the wrong collection point but after spending 3 hours trying to create the order I’m just relieved it’s coming. My thanks go to the Fairphone employee who fixed this for me. I’m well on the way to a happy ending now I hope?.

I purchased my FP3 from thephone coop ( reseller in the UK ) and have not ordered anything from the FP website before. Is the FP shop always this bad or have I just been unlucky? Never mind, at least they still employ real people who can make sense of it.

Two of my daughters and I bought from the shop and it was a smooth as a baby’s bottom :slight_smile: Oct 2020, Dec 2020, Dec 2021

It must just be me then ;-(

I’m sure there are others :blush:

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