Fairphone screen dimensions, pinout, schematics, communication protocol, drivers?


I would like to know, what is the pinout of the fairphone 4 screen ?

Since it is an easily sourceable component I am curious if I could use it on it’s own ?

Specifically I would like to use it as a high quality screen for a raspberry pi or esp32 project.

So is the pinout known at least ? And if yes, what about the communication protocol to talk to the screen, its backlight and the touchscreen ?

Thanks !

Hi and welcome to the forum, but this is just a user forum.

For detailed specs on parts of the phone you may like to ask support/@/fairphone/dot/com

You won’t get it. I asked that years ago for FP2 and then for FP3.

It’s for legal reasons, probably because FP or the supplier infringed patents during development.

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