Fairphone restarts itself

Since 2 days my Fairphone1 restarts himself. I can’t do anything. It comes when I heard music. I put off my SD card but I made anything.

What can I do? Did someone have this one time?

Thanks for your answers!

Try going to Safe Mode and provoking this behavior there. If it doesn’t happen, then an app you have installed is the culprit. Try to find out which one and un/re-install it.

First of all it is of course important to at least make sure to have your phone updated to the latest software.
Currently the latest version is Kola Nut 1.8.7 and you can check your software version in the Fairphone updater app on your phone.

This might sound very silly but as a Fairphone Techie I have seen this way too many times already.
If it is not a software related issue then you might want to try your phone with a different SIM card (perhaps you can borrow one from your friends or family for a day or so.)

I have seen many Fairphones freeze, crash/reboot because the SIM card having a bad/faulty connection.
If this helps get in contact with your provider and ask them for a replacement.

As a last resort you might also want to try a hard reset to exclude it from being anything software related.