Fairphone(-related) Jokes!

What do two Fairphoners say to each other?
“You hang up first!”
“No, you hang up first!”


A Fairphone meets an old iphone:

How´s life out there while aging not being able to keep up with new phone techniques
and have increasing afflictions ?

iphone: Quite boring and sad, no one´s there needing or taking care of you. Leaving you alone in a dark drawer with
your afflictions waiting to pass away.

What about you, what do you expect what aging will bring to you?

Fairphone: Well, I´m eager to feel the new advanced camera module working and also the brand new NFC extension.


It was only a unofficial field test - now they know it didn´t pass, dumped the crap and moved on to get the $8 rolling that´s how “Improving on perfection” is done today :laughing:


It just works…!

Wait, @sky, this joke is ©Applx… :wink:

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Unfortunately I have to fully agree.
But here in Germany the car thing is going a bit more subtle.
About 2009 there was stated a form of crisis going on. So the government and car manufacturers lured car owners to get rid of their cars to have a discount on a new German car model. Many have done so.
Now only a few years later (considering 2015) again an issue with diesel powered cars. same game, sell (dump) the (not so old) crap and buy the latest (diesel) technique with a noticeable discount.
In a few years I am most sure, as soon as the electrification cannot be held up anymore there will be another flush again…
I got fed up with this money/resource wasting 8 years ago and now rather get on my bike. Don´t keep any car since then.


Same thing in Spain (therefore I guess there should be an European regulation on cars pollution), except I’m not sure about discounts here. But I think there’s no clean solution what we can expect to solve the Industrial-age, anti-ecological idea of each person having a personal car to get them to buy their daily baguette (Spanish pun: vaguete meaning “lazy”)

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