Fairphone owners in the USA (FP2 FP3 FP4)

Havent read it in detail, but would say this was all discussed here as well? Like frequency Bands, area, moving inbetween towers and restarting?


Well the comments on reddit are being deleted now for some reason, which is not very helpful :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Yes, it is now supported in the USA: https://fccid.io/2AUWUFP4

I’ve not seen this posted for discussion anywhere else, so perhaps it happened without anyone noticing? Anyway, now there can’t really be any excuses from T-Mobile and it’s MVNOs and I hope they and Fairphone can get things enabled soon.

Cheers :slight_smile:

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Oh that would be great! I recently started poking Mint mobile about it, but they were unfortunately still not too helpful even if the FP4 shows as fully compatible on their website.
I also contacted T-Mobile again, and they now stated that the FP4 is fully supported while they earlier said it was not.

So my Mint plan still runs for 2 months. A month from now I might poke them again and also talk with T-Mobile to see if I can get a SIM tested in my FP4.

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Having registered an FCC ID doesn’t make Fairphone support anything in the US as of now.
The Fairphone 3 got one, too, in early 2020 … https://fccid.io/2AUWUFAIRPHONE3

It’s up to T-Mobile then.

I spent ages on chat to Mint Mobile. Even though the T-Mobile page says the FP4 is compatible they told me that their compatibility tool says the phone is incompatible and locked! (it isn’t locked).

We tried eSIM to see if that would work, but it didn’t, and now my physical SIM is disabled and I can’t use it in my old phone that does work on Mint! :upside_down_face:

I’m going to try the law of social media, that it’s the squeeky wheel that greased! https://mobile.twitter.com/madb1lly/status/1570006507751718912

In case anybody’s still interested in how the FP2 performs in the USA, I took it with me to Denver. I was not expecting to get any connectivity based on previous posts in this thread, but it immediately connected to T-Mobile 2G (roaming), and I am able to receive SMS.

I didn’t try calling or internet; I did receive a call, but rejected it to avoid roaming fees.

Edit: my front camera stopped working, so now I’m looking for a screwdriver in the US to take the phone apart :sweat_smile:


Hi everyone,
@AlbertJP useful to know, but unfortunately isn’t 2G also due to be phased out soon in the USA?

Here’s the surprisingly unhelpful (and patronising) reply I got from Fairphone support:

My name is J* from the support team. I’ll be your case manager, nice to e-meet you :slight_smile:
Thank you for supporting Fairphone and for reaching out.

Being an Amsterdam-based organization we currently only sell and ship to Europe. For the foreseeable future, we will continue to focus our efforts on this region.

Please note that for now, we won’t be able to offer you assistance with network connection issues when you are not in Europe. Repairs and replacements are also not supported outside of the listed countries.

Again, thank you so much for your interest and support, we really appreciate it, as it shows we are in the right direction!

If you need anything else, please let me know, I will be happy to help you again.

Have a lovely day and take care!


Cheers? :slight_smile:

While I can understand your disappointment, I fail to see the surprising nature of the content as well as the patronising.


I’m surprised that they’re not more helpful and not more specific about what the problem is.

Going off topic, this is patronising:

Again, thank you so much for your interest and support, we really appreciate it, as it shows we are in the right direction!

Whether or not anyone agrees with me is definitely off topic.

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The problem is, that the FP4 isn’t supported in your region. Fairphone maintains a relationship with :eu: carriers to make sure the phone works where it’s supposed to, and even then there are issues sometimes (looking at you Vodafone :eyes:).

I don’t think the message is meant patronizing, somebody wrote a template and that’s what you get :man_shrugging:
But you have to understand that support is totally overwhelmed as it is. You are using your phone outside the supported region, that’s just not a support issue. I get your frustration, but what did you expect?


Yes, but no date has been set yet.

We’ve also shared that we plan to retire T-Mobile’s older GSM 2G network as well, but no date has been set. We will update this page with any additional information in the future.

Source: T-Mobile Network Evolution | T-Mobile Support