Fairphone owners in the USA (FP2 FP3 FP4)

Hi strongthany,

I’m also based in the U.S., and I split my time primarily between St. Louis, Indianapolis, and San Antonio, for family and work considerations.

I’m really interested in buying a Fairphone 4. I have a few questions for you…

1.) I know that you use T-Mobile. Do you happen to know any FP owners who use AT&T? I’d be grateful to learn from their experiences.

2.) How do you handle FP warranty matters as a U.S.-based resident?

3.) Does your FP 4 enable you to switch from 5G to 4G? I’m a bit concerned about the safety/radiation exposure of 5G phones, hence my question.

Thanks so much for your help, strongthany!


Question for those of you who have a FP4 on Mint (or T-mobile or other T-mobile MVNOs), and especially for those who have installed LOS: When your phone isn’t showing that you have 5G service, do you see any sort of a LTE/4G icon in the status bar?

Following up from some of the messages last month, I tried installing LOS to see if it would resolve problems with inconsistent/poor quality service, I just installed LOS yesterday, so it’s a bit too soon to tell, but I can say that since installing LOS I’m now seeing a “5G” icon in the status bar when wifi is off (and when wifi is on I can still see that there is a “5G” connection if I check the “Internet” status from the settings pull-down menu).

afaik, LOS will show 4G in the status bar if it is connected to such a network, just like 5G.

if you want to confirm that for yourself, you could switch your preferred network type in settings to LTE to see if it shown 4G in the status bar. NR means 5G.

@jkharbanda 3) in the settings of your sim card you can change the preferred network type to something that goes only up to 4G.

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maybe this could be interesting, I think in the past AT&T was not working well if at all, you can search this topic for reports

When you buy through a reseller, they should handle warranty, if a friend or family living in Europe buys it for you warranty has to be handled by this person.

In general you can turn off 5G.


Thank you, @yvmuell for your reply! I’ve reached out to Manoj, the gentleman who was soliciting for testers, and I hope to hear back from him soon… And thank you for responding to my question re: warranty and 5G, too. Thank you again, too, to @lriesebos for your replies!




Has anyone in this group bought their Fairphone from either Murena, Vireo, or Macromart?

I’d be grateful to learn from your experience, particularly when it comes to customer service and technical support and warranty fulfillment. I live in the United States, and when I corresponded directly with Fairphone, they encouraged me to consider buying the FP4 from a vendor that sells directly to the U.S. (and other countries outside of the E.U.).

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I moved your topic here, maybe others can help you to select a reseller. Vireo and Clove in the UK have been mentioned in the forum already several times, I guess Murena is good as well, as they have cooperation with Fairphone. Reg Murena this might be interesting

Else have a look at the reseller list


Thank you, @yvmuell, for pointing me to the re-sellers article! Due to seeing that article, I’ve now contacted Clove and iode (and had previously contacted Vireo and Murena).

As I become more knowledgeable, I’ll certainly share my learning with others here!