Fairphone owners in the USA (FP2 FP3 FP4)

And it looks like it’s using LTE too! That is very encouraging!

Though, AlbertJP made comment about some carriers marketing HSPA+ as 4G. I’m not too familiar with the those apps, so I don’t know if they’re reporting the type of network your phone is using, the type it’s capable of using, or what the network is reporting as its type. Would you mind popping into ‘About Phone’ → ‘Mobile data network type’ and posting a screenshot? It’s not that I don’t believe you, it’s just that I want to be sure before I have a Fairphone imported. Though, at this rate, I might as well wait a couple weeks for the Fairphone 4.

That app doesn’t use any ‘3G’ or ‘4G’ names but names the actual technology (LTE), so it should be fine.

In any case, a newer phone model might support more bands, and that could make your phone work for a longer time in the US. T-Mobile can after all decide to refarm a band to 5G (although it appears technically possible to share spectrum between 4G and 5G phones,) leaving FP3 users with the same problems FP2 users are currently facing.

Well if it does get to that point I suppose I’ll have to start looking for other carriers, or worse a new phone. But we’ll see how this goes for now.

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Oh, okay. Well, at least there’s a good chance that Fairphone 4 will work well on T-Mobile.


Just seen the FP4 specs…

The entire T-Mobile frequency range seems to be supported on 2/3/4/5G, except for some high frequency (3.5GHz and above) bands. Crucial here is the support for band 12 (700Mhz 4G) and 71 (600MHz 4G/5G) giving you access to low-frequency bands in rural areas.


Does anyone have any insight into whether FP4 would work in US on the AT&T network? Would love to be able to use it in the US. Thanks!

Hi @chron moved your Post here to discuss further

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More than likely given it’s frequency range ::

What are the AT&T network’s frequencies?

I’m not sure if these bands are EU or International ??

Over the last month, my AT&T service kept degrading. Switching to TMobile worked for me.


I just received my FP4 yesterday, I’m in Manhattan. Incoming and outgoing calls and texts work fine on AT&T.
I originally ordered the FP4 from Clove in the UK, but they were on order from Fairphone for $613 US including shipping (don’t know if there would be import/customs duties on top of that.) I ended up cancelling the Clove order and ordering from Kickmobiles on Ebay in the UK for $845 including shipping & taxes - no additional charges. It was delivered in 2 days by FedEx. Amazing.


what model did you ordered?
$845 is a proudly price… :open_mouth:

I ordered the grey 6GB/128GB model. I paid a lot, but wasn’t sure if Clove was going to get it. Kickmobiles had it in stock and promised delivery within 3 days.

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Hi! I’m going to the US for some months in April and I am looking for a phone contract for my fp3. After all you wrote: what company should I take?

When I bought my fp3, I had it shipped to a UK forwarding service (https://www.forward2me.com/) and then shipped to USA through the forwarding. It worked well.


I have been waiting for six years, since the Fairphone 1, for these phones to work in the USA. I have gathered some good info on these forums but it still sounds like the SIM card with T Mobile would only work for one month because of the FCC issue. Then I would be stuck with only using Bluetooth or WiFi for connection, Is this correct? T Mobile wasn’t able to help beyond this and I am interested in the Fairphone 4. Any suggestions would be helpful. I’m currently in Oregon state. Thanks

Hi Jessica, welcome to the Community Forum. :slight_smile: I moved your post here because I think existing users are probably the best source of information regarding whether the FP4 works or not in the USA. Let’s hope your post triggers fresh feedback.

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Thank you, I appreciate it. Looks like Clove will be a good way to buy it but I need to make sure it will work with T Mobile LTE in my area. T Mobile customer care is bewildered :flushed:.

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Hey everyone! I’m interested in getting a Fairphone, but I’m worried about service area issues and such with my current provider, AT&T. From what I’ve read, FP won’t work with most bands here, and I’m wondering if this is carrier-specific or simply based on the network frequency - I’m considering using TextNow for my phone service moving forward, which operates on T-Mobile’s network. Would my service in the US likely be good/reliable running an MVNO like Textnow on a Fairphone 4?

This solution seems attractive, since wifi-calling seems to be a given with TextNow as well, but I’m unsure if the non-main carrier option will help me in terms of regular text service. Thanks in advance for your help/ideas!

(Failing this, I might settle for a Teracube 2e with TextNow, but fingers crossed)

Hello, I moved your post here as people have been discussing network advice for the Fairphone in this topic before.


I’ve been very lightly testing the FP4 on AT&T in NYC & Fort Lauderdale. Calls & texts have worked ok in my apartments, I haven’t taken it out and done any real testing that way.
I have been able to browse the web while on a call with wifi turned off.
AT&T shut down their 3G network yesterday, but I can still make calls while browsing the web w/o wifi.
I originally activated the FP4 with the SIM from my Samsung Galaxy S10 on the same plan.
I called them from the FP4 just now, both phones show as using the same Galaxy S10 IMEI on their system.
When they tried to update the FP4 line with its own IMEI, they got an error.
So, for now it is working on AT&T. I’ll keep testing it and see if they eventually cut it off.

Sorry to hear about T-Mobile not working, that was going to be my next step if AT&T cuts it off.