Fairphone owners in the USA (FP2 FP3 FP4)

Have you tried toggling the speakerphone button once to see if it fixes the problem?

Well, I did activate as load speaker when I received and when I do the call. The other side do able hear my voice.

Plus, lately I noticed that when active the load speak. The other side who gave me the call or I make the
called. It’s able to listen my voices. I still not sure is de-activate the load speaker function will working properly?

I’m interested in buying a Fairphone. I have some questions so far:

How do you buy a Fairphone in the US? I hear Fairphone doesn’t ship them here. Do I need to buy a used one from another Fairphone user?

How do you get a phone company to serve the Fairphone in the US? This thread seems to be saying you can “unofficialy” get service from T-Mobile, and this might end in August? Is that correct? Are there companies I can get official service from, whatever that means? And what is “unofficial” service, and how do you get it? And how can I get service after August?

  1. How common are these problems where the sound doesn’t work?

That one I can answer, import from

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To have all in one place I will link here the latest comprehensive summary

As well as the link to a page to check


I’m not sure where you are seeing that T-Mobile service might end in August. I don’t think that is true. I will say that most people using the FP4 in the US are using T-Mobile. However, there are problems with the stock ROM on T-Mobile. You will need to replace the stock ROM with something else. Lineage OS ROM (or Lineage for Microg ROM) works on T-Mobile.

Thanks. I can research how to replace ROM, but I worry that may be beyond my skillset.

Is the new ROM going to solve the “VoLTE” problem?

Living in the USA, looking at getting an FP4.
I read through this thread, but is there any advice for using one in the US in 2023? Is any mobile provider better than others? Any help/advice is appreciated.

@CoffeeForBl00d the thread is very helpful and current, not sure what you aren’t finding. In short, you need to use T-Mobile and you need to use a third party ROM on the FP4, like Lineage or Lineage for Microg. There are problems with the stock rom in the US. Can’t vouch for how other 3rd party roms works on the FP4 in the US.

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Am I wrong to assume that carriers on Tmobile network like Metro and Mint should be fine? I guess I can test and see if it’s not known for sure.

I’m seeing a lot of talk about Lineage, but not much of Ubuntu Touch.

Possibly dumb question. Do I have to pay extra to get it imported into the US? Or is that factored into the cost?

I would assume that MVNOs on Tmobile’s network would also work, but that is definitely an assumption. You are probably on your own with Ubuntu Touch. You can order the phone from https://www.clove-technology.com/ (a UK company). Add it to your shopping cart and then start to go through the checkout process. It will give you the total cost.

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Google Fi is mostly a T-mobile MVNO, and mostly works with Lineage in my experience (it can sometimes be difficult to determine whether problems are problems with the phone or quirks with Google Fi itself).

I’m not sure that Clove would deal with potential customs duties for the US. If I recall correctly, US customs for shipments for personal use like this are somewhat complex because there is an exclusion that is not per shipment, but per year and for practical purposes per address. I think that the FP4 should be under the exclusion amount, but if you’ve purchased a number of other things previously, there might be customs duties charged. These often arrive as bills significantly after the package arrive, and depending on the shipping company can have a handling surcharge that is annoyingly high (eg ~$20-$50). This is in contrast to the EU where there is now essentially no exclusion at all, and duties are charged on everything, but handling fees are usually lower.

(Not to self-advertise, but I could also note that you could buy a used FP4 that’s already in the US.)

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To be clear, I bought an FP4 from Clove. I paid only Clove for the phone and paid nothing additional to any other entity to have it delivered to my address in the state of Iowa.


Lately, i noticed that some times make long calls and receive calls. I need activate the load speaker mode on and then off. To able to talk as non-load speaker use me.

Do you know if Clove lets you return the phone if it doesn’t work? And why are you selling your phone? And what ROM is on it?

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How much are you selling your phone for? I’m considering buying it. I’d need to know if there are glitches that could interfere with it working in areas where I’ll use it. Have you had any issues or malfunctions?

In the interest of not pulling this thread off topic, I’ve responded here: