Fairphone owners in the USA (FP2 FP3 FP4 FP5)


Has anyone in this group bought their Fairphone from either Murena, Vireo, or Macromart?

I’d be grateful to learn from your experience, particularly when it comes to customer service and technical support and warranty fulfillment. I live in the United States, and when I corresponded directly with Fairphone, they encouraged me to consider buying the FP4 from a vendor that sells directly to the U.S. (and other countries outside of the E.U.).

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I moved your topic here, maybe others can help you to select a reseller. Vireo and Clove in the UK have been mentioned in the forum already several times, I guess Murena is good as well, as they have cooperation with Fairphone. Reg Murena this might be interesting

Else have a look at the reseller list


Thank you, @yvmuell, for pointing me to the re-sellers article! Due to seeing that article, I’ve now contacted Clove and iode (and had previously contacted Vireo and Murena).

As I become more knowledgeable, I’ll certainly share my learning with others here!



I know you can buy Fairphones via drop-shipping countries like Clove. I also know those companies can also help facilitate shipping for exchanges and repairs. How long does it take to get a phone either exchanged or repaired this way?

just wanted to add another DP that my FF3 is working great on T-Mobile in Southern US right now

using a prepaid SIM that works even though the store said it would not–WIFI calling and VOLTE working as well


Hi All! Last week I purchased a FP4 from Clove. It is currently scheduled to be delivered on Monday. I’ll be using this phone on T-Mobile. I’m quite comfortable with Lineage, having run that OS on all of my family’s phones for several years. I was quite pleased to read the recent reports in this forum thread that VoLTE was working well with Lineage/T-Mobile. If I may, I have two questions:

  1. I just stumbled across @rca comment in the main Lineage/FP4 thread about having speaker issues with outgoing calls on Lineage. This person is also in the USA. Are other US users having this same problem?

  2. What is the current status of Lineage/T-Mobile and Wifi calling? Is there hope for getting that to work, or is that broken? I see comments in this thread about that not working, but I don’t think I read any comments about anyone getting it to work.



@2allseew Wifi calling is working well on the FP4 that I’m using on Mint (T-mobile) with LOS20, and the phone is working well in other respects (VoLTE, etc), too.

Regarding the issue with outgoing audio, it is still present with the latest LOS20 update from 2/19, and I haven’t seen any update to the bug report that I submitted to LOS. As you probably noticed, there also haven’t been any replies on the LOS thread by others reporting the same problem. Toggling speakerphone on/off on the first call after a reboot has been working well enough as a workaround. It’s a very minor annoyance, but not one that would prevent me from getting an FP4 or running LOS, or even making the effort to try e/OS or other builds to check whether the problem goes away with those.


Thanks for the reply! Glad to hear that wifi calling is working for you! I agree that your workaround for the audio issue is an easy temporary solution if I end up needing it.

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forgot to add that I’m running IodéOS 3.5 on the FP3

worked across south and central Florida, working now in metro/Atlanta, and will test in metro/Dallas next week

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There are several posts on this forum where it has been mentioned that if you are in North America and order a phone from a Fairphone reseller that the reseller should handle the warranty for you. I’m curious if anybody can speak to this idea? My FP4 is working great (I just received it from Clove two days ago.) However, if I can get it registered for the warranty, I’d like to do so.

On Fairphone’s warranty registration page, I have to provide a European address. Do I use Clove’s address down for that? What have others done? Thanks!

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The 5 year warranty is only for the places that Fairphone sell to, so you can only benefit from the 2 years via Clove. Clove may be able to register the five year, but you can’t use their address without an arrangement with them without being accused of fraud…

The address has to be yours

I’ve just tried calling Clove to enquire but can’t get through. I’ll try again and update this post with their view.

All the best

APPEND: There’s a problem with using another address as you have to send it there, they send it on, they get it back, they send it on. Freight forwarding breaks warranty if it is not authorised by the manufacturer as they cannot warranty any sub-courier that a third party may use.


So did you ask Clove if they offer handling warranty cases for the exetended warranty period? They mention the 5-Warranty in the device description without excluding specific countries…

Or is this a def answer from Clove they will not?

For sure you cant register the 5-year warranty on your own using Clove as address.

I’ve not been able to contact Clove by phone numerous times over the last few days, so will try again Monday and failing that I will email them.

The bit you quote is just a statement from another company (Framework) for their lack of warranty outside it’s dedicated sales area.

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Aloha from Hawaii, similar to experiences of others:

FP4 on stock OS, on T-mobile. Data services worked good enough, calls occasionally worked, but often would be one way only (incoming audio to me, other side hears nothing). No VOLTE, & no VOWifi. T-mobile apparently stumped about it after multiple attempts at service.

Recent switch to lineage OS: data works, calls seem to be fine, or at least better. VOLTE & VOWIfi show as active, haven’t tested the vowifi to be very confident yet, but indications suggest it works.

Why does lineage work for calling while the stock OS does not? be nice to see that fixed, would be a great benefit to new users of the device in the US.


@Engineer Welcome!

After switching to LOS, do you experience the same issue that 2allseew and I have reported, where after a reboot, when you are making/receiving calls outgoing audio does not work, and toggling speakerphone resolves the problem (until the next reboot)?

I don’t have any explanation for why calling does not work with the stock OS. I can only say that it must be due to the stock OS, itself, because the problem is still present with the most recent FP4 OS using Android 12, but it works with e/OS builds that are also on Android 12 (and LOS20 is on Android 13).

Dear Fairphone 4 Friends,

I’m an American based in the Midwest (with some time in Texas) who has, at last, bought a Fairphone 4. It came in, via Clove, just the day before yesterday.

I’m reaching out to the community to ask: Are there any FP4 owners who are on either Verizon or AT&T? I would be SO grateful for your guidance and help to make sure that I have a good experience with these networks… and I will surely pay back the favor of your help by aiding others in the U.S. who are new Fairphone owners, too.




Hi @jkharbanda I admire your interest in getting the phone to work with Verizon or AT&T. I think you will find that T-Mobile is your best bet in the United States. I’m also in the Midwest (Iowa), and moved from Verzion to T-Mobile for use with my FP4. I’m very happy with how my FP4 is working. You will find many comments in this thread about people trying to use the Fairphone on other networks in the US, with many comments about the two providers you’ve mentioned. The FP4 supports almost all of the T-Mobile cellular bands. Can’t speak for FP4 cellular band support with the other network providers.

Good luck,


Hi Bryan,

Thank you very much for responding to my inquiry…and for sharing your very positive experience with your FP4 on T-Mobile. I’ll definitely keep that in mind. For family reasons and for pricing reasons, I am hoping that AT&T will work with my brand new FP4. I’d be grateful if you kept me in mind should you run into anyone using FP4 on AT&T or Verizon.

Warm wishes,



I can confirm:

After switching to LOS, do you experience the same issue that 2allseew and I have reported, where after a reboot, when you are making/receiving calls outgoing audio does not work, and toggling speakerphone resolves the problem (until the next reboot)?

Tested though current (March 26, 2023) lineage update.

Is there a bug reported?