Fairphone outlet store 2018

Continuing the discussion from Fairphone outlet store ;-) 2017 :

Let’s collect here what #efct18 participants would like to pick up at the week in Amsterdam (please add yourself with @username!):

@Monica.Ciovica Asking just in case: Will it be possible to pick up spare parts again? :grin:


Hi guys, I will ask the team here. For FP1 spare parts it’s not problem, for FP2 we have to check (especially for batteries).

Morning guys,
I have a final answer for the spare parts pick-up :slightly_smiling_face:

My colleague from Logistics will go next week to the warehouse and pick up the parts directly. Then, you can pay them here at the office (we have a pin machine we use for events that we can also use during your visit) and have all the products ready.

What do you think? Can you revise the above list this week so I can send it over?

Have a lovely day,


Quick reminder for final orders, I will share the list tomorrow evening with the team so please make sure to write down what you need before then :slightly_smiling_face:

Have a lovely day,

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Morning :slightly_smiling_face: The spare parts will be at the office today and waiting for you.
After talking with the Finance team, they recommended bank transfer as a method of payment instead of the pin machine we had before.

@DietmarP, @merci, @Amber, @Lidwien, @Friek and @AlbertJP can you send me a message with your details so we can create the invoices for the parts? What we need: full name/address/phone number and email.

Have a lovely day,


Hello Monica,

I didn’t participate in the outlet store last year, so I don’t understand what you need the details for.

Is the bank transfer that we pay Fairphone or you want to initiate the bank transfer from your side? I thought, after paying we simply pick up the items, so for this you would not need any information beside name because this is the identification item sent automatically in the bank transfer.

Best regards, Alexander.

@Amber as I see in the list above for the efct18 outlet, you wrote your name down for a transparent slim case and a battery.
For you to be able to pay for them, we need to create an invoice, to justify the transfer and for you to have proof of purchase of course. We send the invoice to you via email and you can pay it via bank transfer.

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