Fairphone OS manual install - without wipe/reset data?

Dear FP community,

now that the Fairphone OS has finally reached level 11, I would like to try it out on my daily used FP3.
Currently (and for a long time) I use LOS4microG (also A-11) and have installed some apps that are very sensitive to system changes: Banking, tickets for public transport, sharing cars/scooters/bikes, access to online-libraries etc. You can guess what concern I have: can I install the current Fairphone OS via the procedure “Install Fairphone OS offline (Linux Ubuntu-based)” WITHOUT having to delete my data partition. Especially the banking apps require a lot of effort to be reactivated after a “wipe” of the data…
I am grateful for any experience shared here…

The most recent, Faiphone OS is the Android 11 which has just become available not exaclty reaching a level. but a technical upgrade. The topic below will guide you to install, but as you seem to currently be using an alternate OS then I think a fresh install will wipe all the data, so you would want to back that up first.