Fairphone OS and GoodSam Responder Application - not compatible?

Hello there,
I’ve been attempting to signup for the volunteer responder call put out by the NHS over here in the UK. They use the GoodSam App (com.goodsam.responder) but I’m getting the following message:

“This app isn’t compatible with your phone.”

I’m using Android 7.1.2 - fairphone OS fb2_sibon_userdebug 7.1.2 19.11.2

According to the playstore page for GoodSam, 4.0.3 is the minimum Android version required.

Could anyone help me out with this please?

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It’s not always easy to find out, why apps are labeled as “incompatible”, see Identifying reasons for application incompatibility

“sibon” is the Fairphone Open OS, the one without Google Apps. That could be the reason, but I’m not sure.
When I search for the App on my FP2 with Google Apps (and Lineage OS 16 aka. Android 9) I can install.

In any case I’d suggest you contact the company that created the app and ask them if they can tell you why you can’t install the app.

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Looks like it’s definitely not compatible - not much to be done about that. I downloaded the APK through Aurora Store (had to spoof a different device) and when installing it gave me that incompatibility message.

The good news: their update section reads “Continuous maintenance to be compatible with even more devices and tablets!” so I’d say shoot them a message, maybe you can test any coming updates on the FP2 to help them out.

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Thanks @robbert.f and @Ingo. I appreciate your help. I’ve contacted the app authors so hopefully I’ll get some feedback soon. More than happy to try another OS (Lineage was mentioned) in case that fixes things.

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In that case my guess it’s not Lineage that makes the app compatible but the installed Google Apps.

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