Fairphone OS 18.04.1 is now available

Fairphone OS 18.04.1 is now available. You can get it through the Updater.

Security Fixes

Please note: Due to missing platform vendor specific patches, the Android security patch level has only been raised to February 1, 2018. Protecting our users is our top priority, and as this month’s software update addresses some important security issues, we have decided to not wait with releasing this month’s update. We are working closely with our platform vendor to address the remaining issues as quickly as possible.

Edit: Swap around the patches for December 2017 and January 2018.


The update went through without problems, as always.

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Thanks for the Update!
It is amazing to see that the Updates are still delivered regularly, even after 2 years.
Most smartphone producers stop support after that time (e.g. Support for Samsung A3 (2016) has just been officially dropped)
Huge thanks to Fairphone!


It seems you have the patches for Dec 2017 and Jan 2018 the wrong way around. :face_with_monocle:

Really nice to see the missing patches from December and January intergrated. Nice Job.

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Update went smooth as always. Thank you!

The updater app keeps complaining that it can only run “as a system app” and immediately closes after being started (ie. it doesn’t run and work). This has been the case since I bought the phone. Please fix it. Having to install the updates manually all the time is really not a lot of fun (plus the download link in your documentation for manual installation is outdated).

:sweat_smile: Oh right, thanks!

The next version of the Updater (no ETA date) will fix this.

The issue is that a temporary file is sometimes not deleted on the cache partition (/cache/test.txt).

So would it be a good idea to purge the updater apps cache? I would give it try.

No, it wouldn’t solve the issue as the Updater does not “own” the cache directory.
It has to be done manually (e.g. adb shell rm /cache/test.txt) or through recovery (“Wipe cache”).

Ok, I’d like to do that, but I get a permission denied error. How can I get rid of that file?

And can you post a download link for the manual 18.04.1 update? I haven’t seen it posted anywhere and if I can’t count on the updater app working anytime soon – Why is a hotfix for this one issue not possible? Not being able to automatically update seems like a rather severe drawback – it would be nice to run the manual updater at least.

I’d just wipe the cache partition from recovery. Solving the permission issue is going to be more hassle, as it depends on at which stage which process is triggering it.

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Thank you very much! That worked! Finally the updater is also working. :+1:

Maybe this could be documented in the update documentation?

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Will the new version be available for manual install as well?

I think they’re just lagging behind on updating the website. The file seems to exist over here.

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I`m having big problems with powerconsumption… The solution was to got back to 18.03.1…

Updates clear code caches. They’ll “warm up” again in a few days, so always give an update ~4-5 days before deciding whether it permanently negatively affects battery life.

Also, downgrading is not a solution, merely a work-around. If problems with battery life do persist after a few days, providing feedback in the form of a proper bug report and follow-up information when requested helps the FP team localise the problem and fix it for the entire user base.

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I had it like 4 days and this didn´t get better for me…