Fairphone OS 17.11.2 is now available

We are happy to announce that the November software update is ready for your Fairphone 2. It is called Fairphone OS 17.11.2.

What’s new

  • Fixed disappearing “Do not disturb until next alarm” mode (thanks to our community member @ben for suggesting the fix)
  • Improved video playback performance
  • Updated APN settings of KPN
  • Security fixes* – Android Public Security Bulletin from November (6th of November patchlevel)
*Security fixes: CVE-2017-0427, CVE-2017-0830, CVE-2017-0832, CVE-2017-0833, CVE-2017-0834, CVE-2017-0835, CVE-2017-0836, CVE-2017-0839, CVE-2017-0840, CVE-2017-0841, CVE-2017-0842, CVE-2017-0848, CVE-2017-0849, CVE-2017-0851, CVE-2017-0853, CVE-2017-0854, CVE-2017-0857, CVE-2017-0858, CVE-2017-0859, CVE-2017-0860, CVE-2017-0861, CVE-2017-7541, CVE-2017-9686, CVE-2017-9693, CVE-2017-9701, CVE-2017-9706, CVE-2017-9717, CVE-2017-11013, CVE-2017-11014, CVE-2017-11015, CVE-2017-11051, CVE-2017-11092

Awesome! Patches issued really quickly. My Google Pixel C tablet running Oreo is still waiting the latest security patch level. They are normally quicker than this.


Great work! I think this is worth a press release or something. Quick Android Security Updates are often requested in the tech press, but Fairphone definitely does not get enough credit for this!


Update again went flawlessly. Thank you, Fairphone team!


My (company) S4 mini still goes with “stagefright” unpatched - much less "kra(c?)k"
Great recommendation for my FP2…
Thanks !


Applied. Rebooted and see no harmful impact or problems with it. Thanks that this time on the current months its only the 8th today and we already have the monthly patch from Fairphone. Thank you.


My compliments are going to the Fairphone Team. Superfast and flawless updates. Great achievement. We should make this more public.


With this update I can now properly playback the videos in the GoPro app, good stuff.


Thanks for the OS Update. No problems after installation.
One problem to get fixed I’m waiting for quite a while: The screen shuts down to black to soon (round 10 seconds?), no matter what you have chosen in the display settings.
That’s quite annoying, when you use e.g. calculator apps, or a water-level-app and quite a lot of useful stuff.

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Hi -
This is a rare bug we’ve seen a few times from users who went from Android 5 to Android 6 using the upgrade; we investigated this and can’t duplicate the issue, although out of our experience a Factory Reset or reflash of Android 6.0 fixes the issue. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Well, I’m using a refurbrished FP2 I got directly from Fairphone with Androd 6 on. So I presume s.o. at Fairphone did the upgrade, cause “it’s one of the first 17.xxx”?
Would be definitely inconvinient to do a Factory Reset with all the stuff on it!
And the point is: I didn’t have this issue from the start. Came with one of the Updates, as I think (needs always some time to get aware of changing things).

Then try reinstalling the OS. This should not touch your data, but to be on the save side it’s always a good idea to make a dic:backup.

Nice try, paulakreuzer. Was eager to test it. But had no effect to the issue. :frowning:

We haven’t seen any reports so far that one of the updates is causing an issue like this; did you maybe recently installed a battery saving app, or anything like that? Or altered the software in any way in the meantime?


Hi Rick.
Had to think about this. And I looked back into my order-history. Got my refurbrished FP2 at the beginning of July, than the screen had an issue and got changed. Since then everythings alrigth. So far.
I guess I was wrong with the idea of an update starting the issue that the screen shuts down in some seconds. I estimate the problem is older, and I whitnessed this already with my first (changed) FP2. But I’m not sure anymore.

I totally agree.

The beginning was a bit slow but they got it reliably going even two years after launch.
Specifically the wireless issue “KRACK” was fixed within short time.

Comparing to LG who obviously does not care much about monthly security updates let alone the “KRACK” issue.
On my girlfriends mobile up to recently none of the latest G+++le security patched were available and no word of “KRACK”.

Regular security updates should be an important sales argument.

Thumbs up for Fairphone.