Fairphone OS 17.07.6 (Android 6.0)

My update lost Amaze file manager, so I spent a while figuring out how to reactivate Google Play store, setting up a new login ( forgot my old one), getting amaze again, and trying to disableplay store. Bit peeved.

Now I need to play around & find out all the new ways to do things. It does look as if there are improvements.

Would it be possible to add the new version on the website? That way, we can als update rooted phones. Thanks!

Afaik Amaze was removed along the upgrade from Android 5.1 to 6.0. You can use the built-in file manager, which you find in settings > storage > somewhere there :smiley:

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The manual archive is now online.

EDIT: I am not saying we are supporting root ;), just that the archive is available.
As always, be careful if you have modified system (e.g. by using Xposed) - you can hit walls there and have to wipe userdata.

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Hi there! Everything looks different now. Is it about the update to Android 6? I’m looking fir everything now. And also I miss my application for sms. I can not find it anymore. I don’t want to use hangouts and I can not find another one, so simple and supporting two sim cards as there was before the update? Did this really need to be deleted? Can’t see any approvement there. Can anybody recomand a new app to me please? I don’t need to send gifs or voice messages. I want to write normal SMS and I want to be able to chose, which sim I use for that…

Hi @amiramusikus, welcome to Android 6!

You want to install SMS Messaging (AOSP).

It was Google’s choice. Blame Google.

Here’s some reading material for a start :wink:


Thanks a lot! Only the link for the sms app - I allready installed that one again, but it doesn’t ask me anymore, which sim I want to use :(( I have it in the main settings, there is “ask every time”. It’s just not asking… Do you have a tipp for that?

If something similar happens again: You can have had it easier, if you use F-Droid or Yalp to download the (amaze) app!

There is still a sms app on your phone after updating to Android 6.0, but it’s now called Android Messages (blue icon). The default app also supports Dual Sim.
Please refer to the the blog post for all the info and changes from 5.1 to 6.0.

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Glad it all worked out well!

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@anon12454812: You released Is there any changelog? :wink:
I’m no longer on FPOS, but maybe it’s relevant for some people. :slight_smile:

Since updating to the latest version last night, I’ve already had two sudden reboots. This has never happened before, so I’m pretty sure it’s the update.

Anyone else seen the same thing?

What do you mean? :slight_smile:

If you talk about Fairphone OS 17.07.6, the changelog can be found here: fairphone.com/release-notes, as mentioned in the opening post.

I’ve sent you a DM for your device UUID, this way we can look into the cause.

The download-site now links to It linked to another location with “17.07.6” yesterday (I don’t have the link now, but my autobuild-server for rooted boot.img’s never lies! :stuck_out_tongue: )

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Worked without any issues, just let it do its stuff while I was busy with something else. Only a pity that the audio recorder is still not well usable…
Thanks anyway!

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Ah, like that.

We updated the manual archive to reflect the hardware support required by the new memory chip that’s in the new batch of FP2’s.


Hi there,

for months I was quite happy with my Fairphone in silent mode, as is was - silent.

Now, after a reinstall and subsequent update to OS 17.07.6 the shutter, screenshot and video start/stop noise suddenly reappeared. Like at the beginning of FP2, when only specific apps could disable the shutter sound - video and screenshot no included. Switching to “all silent”, i.e. “Alarm Only” does not help, the noise appears always in high volume. I even use the “Silent Mode Lock”-App - no chance.

Is there some regression / does anyone else have this problem?

If not - what can I do other than root / reinstall again?

Thanks for any pointers,


Interesting, tell us more about the new memory chip inside the new batch. Why was it changed? What else is changed in new FP2 Series? I know about the faulty SIM slots which were breaking a lot. They also change in newer versions, aren’t they?

Enabling Do not disturb (Alarms only) still disables the camera shutter and screenshot sounds for me.