Fairphone orders close today at 1700 CET, 21 November


The stock for our first Fairphone is almost out! To accommodate all ordered and pending orders and for our resellers, we are closing Fairphone orders at 1700 today, 21 November.

So if you (or a friend) desperately want one in the next couple weeks, order now!

We will re-open the shop when we have more stock in January. But it will just be around 1,000 phones. After that, we’re totally sold out and you’ll have to wait until the FP2 in mid-2015. Thanks for the support so far! It’s bittersweet not to have any phones left :smile:

You can read more on our blog:


Hi Joe,
when the shop is closed, will it be still possible to order repair parts ?
Some weeks ago, i saw many parts (motherboard, speaker, frame, and so on) which could be bought.
It would be nice (and imho necessary) to offer this chance.


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Impressive, it sold out way faster than I expected.
A colleague of mine actually asked about getting a FairPhone last week. Guess he’s out of luck now.

Hi Burkhard, do not worry, the spareparts are still in stock and you can still buy them through our shop! See here: http://shop.fairphone.com/onderdelen.html

And Jerry, totally true, for me this also came as a big surprise. You think about it once in a while, but it kind of came flying out of nowhere still :wink:

We are actually going to have a small batch of Fairphones that will arrive in January - so your colleague could still order one then!

He @Jerry,

he well probably be able to get a Fairphone at one of these resellers: :smile: http://www.fairphone.com/2014/11/20/first-fairphones-almost-out-of-stock/#reseller

To the Fairphone team: Congratulations! :tada: