Fairphone Open Source OS is almost ready. Want to test?

I’d like to know which location provider is included in FPOSOS and if it can be changed.

Additionally, which software is included for gallery and camera functionality? Are there AOSP versions or are they pulled from KitKat?

I tried to get the commit log for the new code but was not able to. Could be my skills or that the new code is not in the public repo yet.

The only “test” I use is repo forall -c git log | egrep -i '2016|CVE' after a sync. It’s just not showing enough. I’m sure there are better ways. But I was not able to get a useful Changelog using git.

The plan is that you’ll be able to switch to the official release through the Fairphone updater.


Oh great! Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

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Hadn’t we once decided to keep the development discussion public? Currently it’s not.

“So please us it for anything that has to do with making, compiling, testing and cursing about code on the Fairphone 2.”

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That was about community ports, not about official beta tests.


a closed group on an open system. seriously? :rolling_eyes:

After the postponing of the OSOS release date from “on delivery” (information last summer) over “first quarter” (January), “we are right now bulding it” (2 weeks ago) and “imminent” (last week) this is yet another point that now keeps me from recommending the FP2 to users who love open software and transparent customer focus policies.


I understand it in the way that they want to follow the “Google release model” to have more control. Release the binaries first, code later. It’s maybe not the worst idea … as long as the code ends up in the repo in time. But so far there are no official comments about it, so it’s hard to tell.

that is the point.
there are hardly any official comments at all.
the announced release date of “first quarter” just disappeared from the page, instead of explaining why it is taking longer. Fairphone’s information policy is neither fair nor open.

I see that there are reasons why only testers can post in that group, but at least it could be made readable for the public.


I believe the main reason why the beta group is closed is to avoid confusing people about issues and features that may not exist in the final release.


that’s hardly any more confusing than having groups about FP1 and groups about FP2…
you will always have people who mix that up. But you also have loads of people who patiently will explain it to them


[quote=“Bergziege, post:21, topic:16743”]
you will always have people who mix that up. But you also have loads of people who patiently will explain it to them [/quote]

Indeed. And compared to other forums people are treated very nicely here. I don’t see the scenario mentioned above. Also clear Changelogs, clear ROM versions/names and upgrade paths will help here.

We are talking about the non-google version here, right? So this is the one for the nerds that love to give feedback early on. Most people will understand: No google/google services, BETA and “don’t expect this to work … do not call the support ask in the forum!”.

But maybe their support team will think differently …hard to tell from here.

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We use Gerrit and not Git(hub) to publish the code.

You can already find it here:

But as publishing code means more then just throwing it out there, we are waiting with announcing this. We need to make sure we have the resources to deal with bug reports, write proper documentation etc. Currently the devs team focus lies with fixing the most annoying bugs and releasing the non-gms version of Fairphone OS.

We don’t want to disappoint the “really nice nerds who might love to give feedback early on” by not being able to respond to them or spend time to properly look at the code they submitted.


But I sure hope somebody hops over to the beta thread once in a while and has a look :wink:

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Your right and also want the release out. We were already on the brink of releasing a binary image of the FPOSOS but then there was also this little thing and that little thing so we pushed the release further and further out.

So in hindsight, it might been better to have something maybe not so perfect out and then have a tight feedback loop to make it better.

It is something we are aware of and we are working on improving this situation. The pre-release to a limited audience was a first step in this direction and we think that it is time to release this version (although it might have some issues, which will be addressed in a later release) to a broader audience.


From what I read here, I suppose it is a little late to volunteer as beta tester, right? I am away on holidays and thought to join you as soon as I find the time to make sure that I really properly back-uped my data and settings…

Hey @merci, you can always mail us to apply.
After we release this version there will be another version for which we highly appreciate your time and energy to test it.


Then I’m in, because of lack of time these days…

Can anyone share his or her experience with FPOSOS so far? I will receive my FP2 in the upcoming days and still cannot decide whether to put Sailfish OS or FPOSOS on it. Does it run stable so that I can use it as an productive OS and how do you get your apps? Via F-Droid? Particularly, any experience with the Signal Messenger and WhatsApp, cause these are kind of essential for me.

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