Fairphone Open OS roadmap discussion

Those steps were meant for a phone with FP OSOS.

While I understand what you want, I can tell you that if you want OpenGAPPS you can more or less just stay on the stock ROM (just root it :slight_smile: ). It’s more or less the same. OpenGAPPS only allows you to install a smaller subset of GMS.

Also I guess it does not really help that we use the terms GMS, GAPPS and OpenGAPPS here.

Most people want Google Maps, Google Search and Google Play (The store only works with Google Play Services running. Source: Wikipedia). This is what GMS and OpenGAPPS supply mostly by also adding background “services” to the phone. I’m not sure if this is true for all apps, though. But I think the user should make this decision “knowingly”.

I think all these apps/services can be called “GMS/OpenGAPPS”, can someone point out the ones that add background services?

Chrome Browser
Cloud Print
Google Calculator (replaces stock/AOSP Calculator)
Google Calendar (replaces stock/AOSP Calendar)
Google Desk Clock (replaces stock/AOSP Desk Clock)
Google Docs
Google Drive
Google Fitness
Google Keep
Google News & Weather
Google NFC Tags (replaces stock/AOSP NFC Tags)
Google Now Launcher
Google Play Books
Google Play Games
Google Play Movies & TV
Google Play Music
Google Play Newsstand
Google Play services
Google Search
Google Sheets
Google Slides
Google Text-to-Speech
Sound Search for Google Play
(Source: https://github.com/opengapps/opengapps/wiki/Full-Package)

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I must say I am getting confused.
On my computer I use Linux, Fedora, that’s opensource.
I would like if possible use opensource on my phone, but I still needs some apps like ‘NS reisplanner’ provided by the Google Play store.
I understood that Fairphone is working on a opensource system for the FP2.

If you want to install Apps from the Google Play Store, but don’t want to install the Play Store you can use APK Downloader.

You have to look for your App in the Web Play Store, copy the Link, Paste it in the APK Downloader and then you will Download the App directly to your Phone or PC and can install it.

While this is not much work, the downside is that you have to Update the App manually.

I think it would be nice for some People to have an easy way to install the GApps, but to include the GApps would make no sense like fp1_wo_sw_updates already said.


I just checked on the 1Mobile Market App-Store and “NS Reisplanner Xtra” is available there.
For 1Mobile Market you do not need to register. And you still avoid the GMS.

Yeah but we had a lengthy discussion on why not to use 1Mobile on:

Conclusion: It’s bad! Don’t use it!

Sorry about that.

It’s like using the NVIDIA drivers on your opensource GNU/Linux Fedora. It’s possible and not a bad thing (and not a perfect example …). Don’t think too much about it. It’s just that as soon as you install the play store to download the ‘NS reisplanner’ app, your phone will contain background services that could send your personal data to google. I don’t know how they work, somebody else has to look into this.

Fairphone is not working on a opensource system for the FP2. They just offer the code and add fixes/patches if needed or get them from upstream. Some linux people and some Sony developers currently looking at QC chips, but a lot of the code for the chip (graphics, the “phone part”, wifi, gps, camera …) is closed as well. Only the linux/unix part is “open”. But that’s more than you get with Apple or a Blackberry. It’s just that google also wants your data.

I checked http://apps.evozi.com/apk-downloader/ to see if it’s possible to download the ‘NS reisplanner’ apk. But it’s not working :frowning:

Update: There are ideas to create “open” gms services, but I assume google will kill them and the related accounts at some point in time and if too many users use it. But I have not looked into this. In the end it’s the old “cloud” question. Do you want to give your data and the data of your friends to google and facebook or the creator of the apps you use or not. That’s all, I guess. But there are more important things in life :slightly_smiling:

I don’t see why Google should have the power to kill the microg project?!

I didn’t want to canvass 1Mobile Market, I just wanted to point out that Lidwien’s statement was wrong, that “NS reisplanner” was only available on Google.

I don’t want to spread FUD, but they can just change the APIs or block accounts that access “their” services in a “strange” way. I’m just assuming. Don’t forget how google makes money: Currently it’s just dodging taxes and selling advertisements. The rest is still small and growing. Nobody knows what they will do in the future.

I wouldn’t bet on not being evil … AMP could change the way advertisements and newspapers work (or not) and I saw walking robots today (quite nice, btw). :slightly_smiling:

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Maybe I’m just too tired but I couldn’t make sense of a word of what you just said. (The text jumping around due to your constant edits didn’t help either :wink: )

TLDR: One can’t tell but as soon as it will hurt their business model, they will. Currently that is not a problem.

The point is that no one knows because they are proprietary and closed source.

True, but I guess the microG Project looked into it just to be able to recreate it. It looks like there is a F-Dorid archive so people can just test it. MicroG seems to be the real “OpenGAPPS” anyway :slightly_smiling:

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No, no, no. MicroG doesn’t recreate anything googly like openGapps. They create fully FLOSS apps & services that don’t need Google at all. They just name some of the packages the same as the Google packages so they can easily implement them into Android.

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The goal for the security fixes is to align the different release as much as possible. This allows us to perform less build specific testing and align the feature set.


Hello all! My first post on this forum.

I would like to be able to do the following easily (in that order):

  1. Install FOSSOS (yay! open source :heart_eyes:)
  2. Root it so that I can make myself at home (installing classical unix utilities, firewalls, etc)
  3. Install a minimal openGAPPS in my -now- controlled environment where I know that Google services and any other apps from the playstore won’t reach the internet without my consent and only for specific domains. (+ thanks to root, have the hability to spoof all data that is being fed to them [/trollface]).
  4. Having security fixes as soon as available on AOSP

Then i will finally enjoy a device I own at 100% from both hardware and software point of view :relieved:

I did steps 1 and 2, but the recovery don’t let me install pico openGAPPS because of signature verification it seems ("/tmp/update_binary (no such file or directory)", error status 255) on both adb sideload and from SD card. I don’t know how to circumvent this, and there is not yet a functional TRWP for the FP2. But i’m not in a ruch to use the FP2 as main phone so I can keep on fiddling/waiting.


It looks like that will all be possible. Except:

Since google code is closed you can never be 100% sure that they don’t have ways to even circumvent restrictions made by root-apps.

So are you going to use the “Android Patchday” known as Android Security Level AFAIK to fix security issues in a monthly cycle? I’d also love to see some progress in merging or reviewing community pulls, as there are quite a few, see https://code.fairphone.com/gerrit/#/q/status:open. What is your plan here?

I definitely vote for F-Droid as a preinstalled app store (perhaps even preinstalled as system app to make updates more smooth via the privileged extension).

What about new features or Android version update plans for the open source version? Do the plans differ compared to the Google-version of your OS?


Thanks for this effort. But please make it more clear, that we are not talking about anything 100% open source or FLOSS here since all the firmware blobs are part of the release as well. It is just “more” open source, in the same sense like Fairphone is more fair but does not meet important criteria of the FSF or other organizations striving for things which are really open. Users do NOT gain full ownership of the device, they just gain more ownership - so please don’t use the term “full” here as it’s really misleading (what can also be seen from some posts in this thread btw).

I doubt it’s legally okay to include opengapps, and I don’t see much sense in preinstalling it - people who want the google apps can stick with the regular FairphoneOS. Or what’s the point in using FP-OSOS apart from getting root? Same for “microG” - I assume that using it violates some Google terms of service.

Talking about features, one thing I would like to have changed by default is the DNS, so all requests sent from the FP2 would not go through Google’s DNS servers. Another feature I would like (also for the regular release) is a prompt for split passphrases for protecting the encryption key and the lockscreen without the need for additional apps here.

We should keep in mind though that the more FP-OSOS diverts from stock Android, the more difficult it will be come to upgrade to future Android versions later as all these customizings will need to be ported as well. Therefore, I opt for keeping the system as close to AOSP as possible, with only the bare minimum of really important changes being made. This would greatly enhance the ability to provide security updates in a timely manner.

And talking about being open - this has been discussed in other places on the forum already - some people of the community would love the software development processes to be more open with things like easily accessible commit log (like cmxlog for OmniROM / Cyanogenmod) or an open issue tracker (even just with read acceess would be a huge benefit, as the community could see what issues are currently being worked on).