Fairphone Open 21.03.0-rel.2 update does not download


My Fairphone 2 with Fairphone Open 19.11.2 offered me Fairphone Open 21.03.0-rel.2 based on Android 9 yesterday.

Today I enabled WLAN and then I clicked on “Install update”. Then I see a screen that the download started. There is a progress bar with “One moment please” written above it.

Nothing happens after that. According to my router there is no significant network traffic indicating a download either. I waited for more than 10 minutes for any indication of progress. Nothing.

Is the Fairphone 2 Open update actually downloadable with the Updater app currently?

I do use full disk encryption, but this should not be related to the download.

I was wondering whether to just install LineageOS 17.1 instead. What would your take be on this?

Maybe some firewall app prevents the download…

I can recommend it, running stable on my FP2…


My firewall does not restrict outgoing traffic, well, except, there is some DNS based ad blocker on the router. Will disable it and see whether that helps.

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Hmmm, disabling the ad blocker does not seem to have any effect.

Will try it tomorrow again. Or possibly install LineageOS 17.1 instead.

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I have the same issue, and I think it’s what’s going on for Updater stranded in one version of Downloads.

I’m guessing the download servers are overloaded. I’m going to retry in a few days.

Ok, I found what’s going on on my phone. The Updater uses Android’s Download Manager, and I’m using Tracker Control. The latter had all essential domains blocked for the ADM, including storage.googleapis.com, which is where the .zip file resides. I just unblocked it and it worked, except that now I don’t have enough free space :slight_smile:


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