Fairphone Open 17.12.1 is now available

Fairphone Open 17.12.1 has been released. You can get it through the
updater, or by download from Fairphone Open downloads.

The installation images for switching between Fairphone Open and
Fairphone OS have been overhauled, switching between the releases is
now done using manual installation images that use fastboot.

Security fixes

Android public security bulletin for December (patch level December 1 2017):

CVE-2015-3868, CVE-2017-0807, CVE-2017-0837, CVE-2017-0870,
CVE-2017-0873, CVE-2017-0874, CVE-2017-0879, CVE-2017-13148,
CVE-2017-13149, CVE-2017-13150, CVE-2017-13151, CVE-2017-13152,
CVE-2017-13154, CVE-2017-13156, CVE-2017-13157, CVE-2017-13158,
CVE-2017-13159, CVE-2017-13163, CVE-2017-13165, CVE-2017-15868

[Edit @AnotherElk: 17.12.1 in first sentence instead of 17.11.2]

The update went without any problem!

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My phone does not want to install it. After the reboot TWRP starts, but once it reboots after THAT, FPOOS is not updated to the newest version.
I assume this is somewhat related to the manual TWRP update I made in between, to be able to back up my encrypted data…

Trying to follow these instructions TWRP complains that the zip file is not correct somehow (I’ll add the exact message when I encounter it hte next time :wink: )

Which file did you download? You need the OTA package for upgrading via TWRP.


I just used the other one (because it said so in the thread linked above), but this was going to be my next try :wink:

Edit: Using the OTA file everything worked smoothly. I’ll edit the other thread, then.

Thanks for your quick response!


I just installed the update manually and everything went fine, despite after the reboot a black fullscreen app with only the back button was running past the lockscreen. Another reboot fixed that.

Once again the update went smooth and easy. :slight_smile:

Any update on the fp2-sibon-17.12.1? Since my phone tries to download and install it, but still with the partition problem of the TeamWin screen. So I need to manually install again, but not yet available.

12.1 or 11.2? Downloadpage still 11.2

Where do you look? Perhaps hit F5 on the page (reload).

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Ah thanks, that does the trick! - downloading

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BTW: the https://code.fairphone.com/downloads/FP2/blobs/fp2-sibon-17.12.1-blobs.tgz is not needed for non-development use?

It is offered in For developers - Additional downloads and its use is described in For developers - Build instructions - Getting the Binary Components.
I would very cautiously lean towards a Yes (it is not needed for non-development use) :wink: .

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Thanks. I’ll skip that one then.

But one more: why are the images stored on storage.googleapis.com ? Now Google keeps track of my download of the OS which I choose because I want no traces in Google’s world…

If Fairphone would host such large files on their own servers, that would cost money which I guess Fairphone chose to better spend elsewhere … but that’s just my speculation.

You are using Google’s Android OS and want no traces in Google’s world? There’s something more to do than choosing an OS then …

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Thanks for the update.
Immediately after the update to Fairphone Open 17.12.1 I’ve been affected by this:

Anyone else here?

Same here on both of my FP2

after start-up shortly shows the initilisation screen (new … choose region…) but switched to black fullscreen with back arrow only - reboot fixed it
no furhter problems

Update itself went well, I just have an issue with the open gapps I had installed.

After the last update I did not have to do anything. This time it’s corrupted.
Trying to install it (the FP Updater app opens the file) I just get the screen of the Updater telling me to restart - pushing on the restart button does not do anything. Restarting myself also does not help :expressionless: Any ideas on this…?