Fairphone Open 17.04.0 is now available

Just reinstalling openGAPPS from within TWRP should do it.

No problem here either, smoothly updated two FP2.
Thanks to the FP developers!

Tomorrow just reflashing old modem files for the proximity sensors and wakeup and there we go again :wink:

Will the recovery partition be overwritten after flashing a Fairphone Open update?

Might Fairphone Open Marshmallow bring TWRP 3.1 with it?

I hope so too. :slight_smile:

Update to 17.04.0 and reinstalling Xposed worked fine. Usually I had to change the /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml to allow some apps (OpenCamera) access to the SD card. However when I now try to open the file with Amaze, I get Error: File Not Found. I can read the file using Ghost Commander, however I cannot save any changes. Both Amaze and GhostCommander are allowed to have root access.

Anyone having the same issue?

Is there another workaround to give the OpenCamera access to the external SD card?

I always use this solution and it worked for this update just like always:

I got the proprietary app via the Yalp Store.

PS: Don’t forget to reboot after changing the platform.xml file yourself or via that app.

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I’m actually not 100% sure, but I do think that the recovery is overwritten as well with the update. At least I had to flash it again recently.
Anyhow, since the community FP2 port become an official TWRP port, I hope FP will ship it with the open OS in future.

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Did you remount /system as rw before the change? (edit: I just remembered that amaze is supposed to do this automatically. Maybe this somehow failed?)

I usually adjust the platform.xml right from the terminal (preferably via adb shell), and it works fine.

I had no problem changing the platform.xml file the following way:

I copied the original file, modified it and then used TWRP to copy it back to /system/etc/permissions/platform.xml.

Also I prefer this way over using an app with root permissions (so that I have full control over the changes).

For me it worked fine, navigated the with my file manager, after enabling root and remounting rw, opened it, changed it from my template, so i have not to type it anew every time, and saved it

Ok, i went lookingr :slight_smile:
For me, it’s still @z3ntu’s twrp 3.1. So here no overwriting… (Ota flashed via twrp, then opengapps and xposed)

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I just installed 17.04 and became aware of the initial question in TWRP whether to keep the system partition as read-only. But this should apply to the whole system partition, should it?

Anyway, the update went smoothly and extraordinarily fast - as always. This time though there was no app optimisation at first boot.

Update went smooth. Installed Pico Gapps and Xposed without problems. Is it at least necessary to copy the modem files as it is described in the update guide?

If you want to install Sailfish over it, or if you use apps that utilize the proximity sensor (and thus drain battery), you may want to flash old modem files.
If you don’t, and haven’t discovered unusual battery drain, then I would not recommend to do it.

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For me this upgrade was actually not so smooth.
Well, upgrading went smooth. And I upgraded OpenGapps pico aswell, so I’m not sure whether to blame that one or the FP Open ugprade, but anyway:

I lost almost all my contacts (and see no logic in which ones I lost and which ones I kept) and I lost everything from my calendar.

So that sucked a bit.

I still have the zip from my previous OpenGapps install. Anyone knows if I could try flashing that one to see if stuff comes back, or will flashing an older OpenGapps when a new one is installed just make chaos?

Battery life is a disaster after this update… wasn’t great after the last one but now it’s even worse…

My update went fine, I always change the platform.xml by hand. Could anybody tell me which commands you have to use for adb?
What went wrong this time for me: My DAVDroid-Account was gone (along with my contacts and calendar). Does this happen to others aswell?

Flashing older gapps usually is a candidate move for boot loop… Where do your contacts come from? Google, local?

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I’m getting my contacts/calender from Owncloud via DavDroid, no problems here…

Only local contacts.
And many of them are still there. But I would guess 60-70 % are gone. And there are left both old and new ones, from all over the alphabet. I find no logic in which ones are left.

My calendar is also local only. I won’t say for sure it hasn’t been emptied after updates before, but I don’t think so. I think I would have have remembered.

Thanks for the advise about not flashing an old OpenGapps build!