Fairphone Open 17.03.0 is now available

Fairphone Open 17.03.0 has been released. You can get it through the updater, or by downloading in the download section code.fairphone.com.

Fairphone Open 17.03.0 includes all the security fixes found in Fairphone OS 1.13.0.


  • Security fixes (*) (Android public security bulletin for March 2017)

CVE-2016-10200, CVE-2016-2182, CVE-2016-8413, CVE-2016-8417, CVE-2016-8477, CVE-2016-8477, CVE-2016-8650, CVE-2016-8655, CVE-2016-9793, CVE-2017-0390, CVE-2017-0390, CVE-2017-0456, CVE-2017-0457, CVE-2017-0461, CVE-2017-0463, CVE-2017-0475, CVE-2017-0478, CVE-2017-0479, CVE-2017-0481, CVE-2017-0483, CVE-2017-0483, CVE-2017-0489, CVE-2017-0491, CVE-2017-0498, CVE-2017-0498, CVE-2017-0516


Update went smoothly.

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Encrypted phone: Update + Open GApps pico via TWRP 3.1.0-0… no problem so far.


With 17.03.0 still not fixed:


Is there any feedback from FP2 developers about this?
I moved back modem files (1.5.1) according to this.


I think, It will not be fixed in Android 5.1. In Android 6.0 - Maybe…

It is a pity that fairphone does not provide any information about the status.


I think, they don’t see it as an importand problem.
I find it also not ok, but i think they have not enough manpower to fix it.

Me and other SailfisOS users are stuck on the old 1.5.1 modem…

Last time i tried (6 Months ago) to install OpenOS with Open GApps i had the Problem, that the Play Store closed all the time i wanted to use GPS. Is there a fix or a Tutorial how to solve this problem? Or does one of the last updates already fixed the problem?

I’m a Fairphone Open OS Newbie and have one simple question.

I’ve installed XPosed and MicroG. Is it possible to update via Fairphone Updater without loosing all my settings?

Thank you!

@devs Please release the sources of FP Open when the release is actually released and not 3 weeks later :wink: Because that was actually the point of FP Open, right?


You have to reflash all /system modifications after you did the OTA.

Thank you for your quick reply, but my data will be ok? Or do I need to backup and restore? (Backup anyway).

As far as I understand the code.fairphone.com, if you update from FP OS to FP Open OS, the data will go. So backup all your fotos, apps first. If you update FP Open OS to the next release, the data will not be erased.

No, the OTA won’t erase your data and neither will the flashing of microG or Xposed (as you already know). Basically the zips modify the system partition but the system partition is overwritten with each OTA update so that’s why you have to reflash the zips after every update.


I only have the phone for a month now, and so far I didn’t have this problem.
The first Open OS version I ran on the phone together with Open GApps pico was 16.12.

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Seamless update with no problems. And I do share the disappointment about the proximity sensor bug not being fixed - mainly for two reasons:

  • Using an app like “wave up” would very likely increase the mechanical lifespan on my FP2 because I would not need to press the power button so often.
  • The bug sits in one of the “closed source” parts of the system what means if the devs don’t fix it, then nobody will be able to fix it.
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Any clue how to do this? :sweat_smile:

As always, the update went fine for me from TWRP with an encrypted data partition.