Fairphone Open 17.03.0 is now available

And localisation symbol is back!!! (when gps is turned off) :disappointed:

Yes, I strongly agree to that. It’s so annoying - waiting for the post saying that the new release is out, then waiting again and checking every day if the sources are yet available…
And sometimes even when they are available the blobs package is outdated or you get compile errors.

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I tried to move from FPOS to FPOOS (fp2-sibon-17.03.0-ota-userdebug.zip) but it failed.
I followed the instruction from
but after rebooting, the crashed
here is the error message:
E:failed to verify whole-file signature
did anyone experienced this ?

If you now try entering Recovery Mode = Volume+ & Power On do you get a TWRP recovery screen or standard recovery screen?

You need to use fp2-sibon-17.03.0-ota_from_gms-userdebug.zip

Sorry, I don’t understand.
When do you suggest to enter in recovery mode ?
(also I don’t know what TWRP means)

After launching the file with FP updater, the phone reboot, then I get the droid icon to illustrate the update process. After some time it crashes, the droid is lying down with the error message I wrote on the lower part of the screen.
On the upper part are written in red the different options:

reboot system now
Apply update from ADB
wipe data/factory reset
wipe cache partition
reboot to bootloader
power down
view recovery logs
apply update from sdcard

That is standard #dic:recoverymode. TWRP is the recovery mode that comes with Open OS. So that means you are still on FP OS. Choose [quote=“Manolo, post:46, topic:26998”]
reboot system now

and try again with the right file.

Using the correct file helps !
Thank you for you advice/explanation…

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In fact phone freezes when plugged in for charging…

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