Fairphone Open 17.02.0 is now available

I updated to 17.0.2 and the phone starts without issues although I did not flash Xposed and OpenGAPPS again…

This is strange enough… but now I want to have Xposed and OpenGAPPS back, and I can’t seem to flash them.

My Fairphone is encrypted and I see TWRP not being able to mount /data.
So I moved the zips to my external storage and try to flash them from there.

But when I flash OpenGapps: TWRP reboots. And when I flash Xposed, the screen goes black, and I have to force a reboot.

I’d love to disable encryption, but that doesn’t seem to be an option; the settings app doesn’t give such an option.

Did anyone else ever experience this and what do you think is a good path to follow here?

Have a look at https://forum.fairphone.com/t/pencil2-update-guide-for-a-modified-fp-open-os-with-gapps-xposed-and-more/21117.

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Hey @Lidwien, thanks for the link. I followed those steps. But it doesn’t work…

Following the step in the link you provided:
1) I have the latest zips and (1.7), since my phone is encrypted, I saved them on an external SD
2) I did the update (updater says I am on 17.0.2)
3) Flashing goes wrong (see my first post)

Did you flash Xposed and OpenGAPPS at the same time? (As described in step (3).)

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I tried both flashing them at the same time and flashing them separately.

Check out this topic:

For the future - especially with encryption - flash all your modifications before rebooting after an update.

Thanks for the Update. I loste the hope that Use of Proximity Sensor Drains the battery will be fixed one day.
Calibrated the sensor with new modem and flashed the old modem afterwards.

I installed FPOSOS [FPOOS : don’t use censorship on my posts @paulakreuzer. I already don’t like it on wikified pages, but on my posts, it’s unacceptable] 17.02, with GravityBox on top, started my script to get external storage writable, rebooted twice in the process, installed back WaveUp, and nope… I lost 50% of the batterie in 5h.

So I uninstalled WaveUp and lost 25% in 10minutes, rebooted and everything want well back.

So it’s not yet fixed.

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+1 Today I flashed the old (FP2-gms59-1.5.1) modem files on three FP2’s. Is there any statement about Use of Proximity Sensor Drains the battery issue?

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I succeeded in installing 17.02 but not seamlessly.
I downloaded fp2-sibon-17.02.0-manual-userdebug.zip & open-gapps-arm5.1-pico-20170302.zip on my SD card.
(I did not unzipped any of these files)
Entered TWRP mode
and tried to install both files, but I get unable to mount errors

Then I tried the updater and installed 17.02
and installed openGAPPS in TWRP

it seems to work now

For updates of an installed OS, Fairphone recommends the use of the Updater App anyway (at least on the download page for Fairphone OS with Google services).

Update files for use with TWRP have “ota” instead of “manual” in their filenames, see download links at Fairphone Open OS downloads “OTA” or at Fairphone OS downloads anywhere but not “4. Flash the binary images from a computer”.

fp2-sibon-17.02.0-manual-userdebug.zip is not for use with TWRP, it is used with fastboot on your PC with the phone connected via USB in fastboot mode, see this guide, and it is not an update, it is a new install of your phone, erasing all your data.

I don’t have enough knowledge of TWRP and the OTA update process to say whether “unable to mount” errors would make a successful update via TWRP impossible, if you use the correct OS file, but you can get around “unable to mount” errors by wiping the partition that gives the error (TWRP - Wipe - Advanced Wipe - only check the partition that gives the error) … Of course, always be extra careful with wipe, I would always try the Updater App first.


Not if you have modifications. Afaik updating via the updater app doesn’t give you the opportunity to flash other zips before leaving recovery mode and rebooting before flashing your modifications can cause a bootloop.
I never use the Updater and never have issues updating.

And also “unable to mount /data” is normal if you have encrypted you phone (unfortunate still…)

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I second that and would like to add that you can simply ignore it for installing modifications like xposed or gapps, as you only need access to /system for that.

Ah, thanks for pointing that out, I just did the same as @Framb00s without putting much thought into it, updated to 17.02 via Updater and reinstalled Open GApps via TWRP as it was missing afterwards … So it could be more problematic, good to know.
Found this guide just now, have to search the forum more thoroughly, will do :wink: .

Better late than never… I finally updated my phone… (I was getting used to having endless lives on Frozen :wink:).

First I got a bootloop because I didn’t read instructions before updating… I directly updated via Updater. That got me a pretty good scare… :fearful:

Then I took the battery off and started again. This time installing upgrade, xposed and OpenGapps all in one.

Worked like a charm and so far so good… let’s see…

PS thanks for the instructions :+1:

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Does FP Open handle microphone and ear speaker different from the FP OS (with all Gogle Apps, without root access)? Microphone and ear speaker are very low (with all in- and outputs, like phone calls, IP-calls, Soundrecorder-recordings), and I was wondering if switching back to the non-free OS might help with this.

Updated my phone within TWRP from 16.12 directly to 17.02 without problems (Xposed, no gapps, sdcard write permissions, unencrypted).
And Clock Bug is fixed ! After all good work devs :slight_smile:

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Ok I finally flashed 17.02. as well. Worked fine with the mentioned solution and previously flash the new TWRP (3.1.0-0).

I was just confused because of the “Zip signature verification failed!” message but after turning this check of in TWRP options everything worked fine.

Hmm since update Gmail doesn’t synchronize and there aren’t any notifications. If I open Gmail then it synchronizes…