Fairphone Open 17.01.0 is now available

Just a warning: I have GAPPS and carelessly updated this morning. GAPPS didn’t work after that, but I kind of expected that. The foolish thing I did was to reboot, thinking: who knows, it might work. It didn’t. It has been rebooting and “optimising apps” ever since.

I will probably get it to work later today - but if you do not have updated yet and you have GAPPS installed you might want to take some precautions.

After every update you’ll have to flash openGAPPS again.


Maybe this helps:


I know that. I just wasn’t very awake this morning and I cant do a lot in a reboot loop.

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Just flash the latest opengapps version. That should get you out of the loop.


same thing for Xposed ? (first time I update).
Am I going to lose Xposed modules and settings ?


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Yes, because the update re-installs the system partition.
Xposed framework, gapps et al. are all modifications on the system partition, so every update will overwrite them.
However, your settings and modules etc. on the data partition remain.

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Unless something goes really wrong and you have to do a hard reset, you won’t lose any data, apps, modules or settings.
You’ll just have to flash everything you flashed before again - as the update nullifies all system modifications. As soon as you flashed and reboot everything will instantly be back to the way you set it up with e.g. GravityBox. :slight_smile:


Yes, same for XPosed. Have a look into this very helpful guide of @freibadschwimmer. :slight_smile:

Edit: Sorry for this kind of triple posting. :blush:


Thanks guys, will wait for 17.02 and update.

Thanks. I will dive into it later today. For now I am OK being phoneless but I will be needing my extended brain capacity soon. (Also I have to keep my kamergotchi Marianne from getting unhappy)

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So this is what I did to get me out of the loop and fix it:

  • remove the battery to turn the FP2 off (there might be a more subtle way)
  • got into recovery mode by pressing volume up and power
  • pressed install
  • did not find de zip of GAPPS so I had to download it again here (ARM/5.1/pico) and put it on the SD-card by cable
  • installed it
  • rebooted the phone

All seems to be well. So the only thing I yet need to do is to thank @freibadschwimmer for his kind sharing of his update guide. Thank you!


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I eneded up updating and re-flashing xposed, just to try. It all went smooth and took 2-3 minutes. Cool!

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The update went fine from TWRP with my encrypted data partition.

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