Fairphone Open 16.10.0 is now available

Fairphone Open 16.10.0 release

Fairphone Open 16.10.0 has been released. You can get it through the
updater or by downloading from the website.


Fairphone Open 16.10.0 includes all the fixes found in Fairphone OS


  • Recovery no longer tries to mount nonexistent partitions (/misc and
  • Security fixes (*) (Android public security buletin from October)


(*)Security fixes:

CVE-2013-7446, CVE-2015-8956, CVE-2016-0774, CVE-2016-3900,
CVE-2016-3909, CVE-2016-3910, CVE-2016-3911, CVE-2016-3912,
CVE-2016-3913, CVE-2016-3914, CVE-2016-3915, CVE-2016-3916,
CVE-2016-3918, CVE-2016-3919, CVE-2016-3920, CVE-2016-3921,
CVE-2016-3924, CVE-2016-4998, CVE-2016-6675, CVE-2016-6676,
CVE-2016-6683, CVE-2016-6689, CVE-2016-6690, CVE-2016-6691,


I just created an account to say a big: THANK YOU! to the developers keeping our phones patched with the latest security updates. This is much more important than getting the latest Android version, from a security perspective, and you guys are performing admirably.

While it isn’t perfect, FP Open has been a great experience for me and I love being free of Google Services.

Finishing this message as my FP2 finishes booting after yet another successful (and effortless!) update. Thanks again to the team that makes this possible :slight_smile:


Is the battery-drain-problem after update to 16.08/16.09 solved now? I see modem Firmware Images inside and hope, that is the case… :slight_smile:


Thank you for the update, went smoothly!
I think that the clock issue is almost resolved. Thumbs up!

Update went smoothly, so thanks on that side. However I would appreciate an update that does not “just” fixes some CVEs, but some real bugs like the extremely annoying and still present clock-reset bug.


Sounds great, in the RC2 it was not fixed.

Edit: Ok, just saw that also in the final release it is not fixed yet.

Cool … Now I have random crashes/reboots after I upgraded to 16.10.0. No other change. Just the upgrade done a couple of hours ago.

Works perfectly, thank you!

Hassle-free update with encrypted, opengapps and Xposed

unfortunately, after the update the Fairphone is stuck in a reboot/optimizing apps loop…

how do I get out of this? Any way to downgrade?

Do you use any flash-zips (I mean apps flashed via TWRP)?

After update the updater tells me:

aktuelles Betriebssystem Fairphone Open 16.10.0

Update ist verfügbar Fairphone Open 16.09.0


yes, opengapps and Xposed…

Did you follow the community update guide? (Especially step 3):

See also this topic, which is essentially the same question.

I am getting the same battery-draining wakelock as with 16.09 when an app like WaveUp is using the proximity sensor.

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Thanks a billion!
this worked :slight_smile:

I have never experienced any problems with the proxomity sensor before, now with 16.10 it already happened twice that the screen did not respond as it should: one time it turned off the display when just laying on the table (call on the speaker), and once the display did non come back after a call.

I tried to use the proximity app again and will closely observe how this develops. In any case, with this version it is the first time I encounter problems with the proximity sensor.

Yes, this seems to not yet being fixed. No deep sleep if there’s an app using the proximity sensor.
But i prefer timely security fixes to this usability patch…

And definitely, chapeau, this one really is in time!


I did so.
At the ‘advanced modus’ it looks also wrong, but different:

Aktuelle Version: FAIRPHONE OPEN 16.09.0
Weitere Downloads: FAIRPHONE OS 1.7.1

On my Fairphone I see Your current operating system version Fairphone Open 16.10.0