Fairphone Open 16.10.0 is now available

Hassle-free update with encrypted, opengapps and Xposed

unfortunately, after the update the Fairphone is stuck in a reboot/optimizing apps loop…

how do I get out of this? Any way to downgrade?

Do you use any flash-zips (I mean apps flashed via TWRP)?

After update the updater tells me:

aktuelles Betriebssystem Fairphone Open 16.10.0

Update ist verfügbar Fairphone Open 16.09.0


yes, opengapps and Xposed…

Did you follow the community update guide? (Especially step 3):

See also this topic, which is essentially the same question.

I am getting the same battery-draining wakelock as with 16.09 when an app like WaveUp is using the proximity sensor.

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Thanks a billion!
this worked :slight_smile:

I have never experienced any problems with the proxomity sensor before, now with 16.10 it already happened twice that the screen did not respond as it should: one time it turned off the display when just laying on the table (call on the speaker), and once the display did non come back after a call.

I tried to use the proximity app again and will closely observe how this develops. In any case, with this version it is the first time I encounter problems with the proximity sensor.

Yes, this seems to not yet being fixed. No deep sleep if there’s an app using the proximity sensor.
But i prefer timely security fixes to this usability patch…

And definitely, chapeau, this one really is in time!


I did so.
At the ‘advanced modus’ it looks also wrong, but different:

Aktuelle Version: FAIRPHONE OPEN 16.09.0
Weitere Downloads: FAIRPHONE OS 1.7.1

On my Fairphone I see Your current operating system version Fairphone Open 16.10.0

Have experienced more reboots since the update. Now its so often that the phone is almost unusable… :frowning:

Findings after a few of days:

  • Proximity sensor: OK

  • GPS location: Icon is after enable and disable still there.

  • Display auto backlight: changes slow

  • Screen flickering after boot up: from time to time still there

  • FP Open OS: Clock resets after reboot: still there

  • Random reboots: seems to be gone

  • Battery only charging mode: does no longer work on a notebook usb port with max 0.5A.

Summary: Feels more stable - thanks a lot!

I also have constant reboots at least 3 or 4 times a day, but strangely already for one week or so, meaning: I don’t have 16.10 installed yet but it appeared with 16.09, and not from the beginning. If it’s the same root cause for you and me, maybe it’s not 16.10?
I thought, maybe it has something to do with xposed modules? At least my reboots more or less appeared after trying out gravity box, youtube adaway and nify. I don’t remember any other major changes. Do you use any of those?
My device is encrypted, with openGAPPS
I’m thinking about a factory reset, because as you write: the device is almost unusable when it reboots randomly, no matter if it’s in usage or not. Any ideas and help is welcome.

I am observing this since 16.09. Not dramatic, but annoying when you have to wait until you can actually read the screen outside.


The Problem with no deep sleep and battery drain after updating to Fairphone Open 16.08/16.09/16.10 is finaly solved.
Well its not bugfixed but i found an workaround:

You need old Modem Firmware Images, which was unfortunately not included in Fairpohone Open 16.07 but i found them in the package:

You need to flash all Modem Files from this Firmware Package.
Your Android System and Recovery will remain the installed one.
That means, you can use the latest Fairphone Open or GMS.
Only the Modem Files will remain the old, which don’t have this bug.

For all people, who is not so familiar with fastboot - they can contact me and i will give them my special update package which include all the necessary files which will be flashed with the script from
Windows / Linux.

In the end you will have Fairphone Open 16.07 with the modem Images from 16.07 and earlier. My standby time is 24h instead of 12h.


While i think that’s a great investigation and might help fp engineers alot, i wouldn’t downgrade my phone to that state of the software because of all those security fixes… There have been a lot of them since 16.07, and substantial ones


The system.img can remain the actual (Latest Fairphone Open or GMS)
Only the Firmware files need to be flashed from the old Version.

Update went smooth as always.

But despite it shouldn’t, TWRP still showed the message, that /misc and /bootselect were not found… strange.