Fairphone on the radio

I nearly let go of my razor this morning as I heard the words ‘Fairphone’ coming out of my FP2 streaming Swiss Radio SRF 1

Did anyone catch that? I am trying to find the feature story on www.srf.ch but I havent found anything yet.


here we go! :slight_smile:


…on the first page of www.srf.ch, as the first article…not bad.


Is anyone registered at the SRF site? In the comments some “HP Korn (HaPeChe)” is making statements I think could be corrected. But I’m hesitant to create an account I most likely will not use again :wink:

He says that Fairphone is bringing out a new model every 2-3 years. Which is simply not possible as FP doesn’t exist that long yet :wink:
And he’s quoting an article quoting Bas van Abel that the 2-3 year cycle is something FP is going to pursue. But from what I read in Fairphone 3 -- Hardware and obsolence discussion that quote doesn’t seem 100% correct.
And earlier this year it was confirmed that there are no plans for a FP3.

This from March 21st, 2017:

Oh, I missed that.

In that case the 2-3 years cycle sounds real.

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