Fairphone novelty (novelties?) to come on 30 September 2021

Hi, as far as I (world) know, “source” you could find here are just some dirty speculations … Fairphone made a great job to keep informations closed … (example, retired 5G wifi certification a few days later). Simply, we have to wait :slight_smile:

Hmm, I bought my FP3+ a year ago as a replacement for my FP2 {doesn’t work “consistently” (which in turn was a replacement for the FP1 [a car was faster…])} - but actually unfortunately still haven’t unpacked it …
… so I don’t need an FP4 either :wink:

Okay, I had it enough patience
I started loss trust to this company and Fairphone 4…

  1. Bad announcement planning
    They said: September
    Me: Ok
    Hahaha, but we think last day in September … 30.9.2021. More like beginning of october.
    5 days before release and here is a nothing about specs? Can anyone from Fairphone company tell anything about specs?
    You trying to “save planet”, but you absolute incapable just tell more about phone.

  2. Can’t buy anything from you now
    I have so many friends focused to eco-things, but I can’t recommend that, because your last phone (FairPhone 3/3+ Temporarily out of stock ). Nice, great, one month and customers can’t buy anything from you??? Seriously are you kidding?

Every company no matter on kind of product or specialization should take care about customers. My job is Pre-Sales/Tech Support Engineer and I see really bad behaviour to customers right now.


  1. Bad planning (We can say liars … 30 september, but that’s mean 1. october for most customers)
  2. Nothing about new phone. (Pre-Sales or support guys called this “customers must be hold in the loop” if you need time, but don’t want to lose or rage own customers)
  3. I can’t buy your current product. (Seriously? I don’t want to comment this…)

I’ll started looking for another phone, probably for Google Pixel 6 pro, because they have own SoC, independent on Qualcomm - high chance to support linux kernel for longer time and they also want to support that phone for 5 years. (Friendly to materials). I really don’t want to support this behaviour to customers.

If you want to really change industry, here is my advice: Please, start doing something… I think release specs it would be great step :wink:


To say nothing is what they called strategy and good chance they will tell everything by the announcement. Launching something is not equal to availability.

It is still september and they shifted 3 weeks I believe, if that make or brake the deal something is wrong. Take a breath I would say.

The delivery of current products are very bad indeed however half the world has problem with the supply chain so without knowing why you can not really blame them, only on the terrible communication.


I’m sorry but if I understand your frustrations, I don’t quite understand their reasons:

They were originally planning to release it earlier in the month but it was delayed, which is why the leaks appeared from resellers which were not so careful.

Anyway, 30th of September is in September, not in October, so that’s a fact, they’re not lying. They could’ve said end of September, but it’s a very minor communication issue.

Furthermore, they never committed to sell the phone immediately. They might do it, or not (they didn’t with their previous phones) but 30th of September is the announcement date: the day when they’ll officially give the specs. Even Apple has a week of delay between the announcement and the availability of the phone for stocks to be pre-ordered. If there’s a delay, it might be because they want to have available stock for the announcement.

Which is why your second question already has its answer:

Because they might be focused on producing the FP4, not the FP3 anymore (sold out), and they might not have enough FP3+ ready to sell for now, however of you really want it, you can buy it now with several resellers anyway. Keep in mind they’re a small company, they can’t produce everything at once, or even on continuous feed: they do batches.

Also, there’s a shortage of components, which disturbs the entire industry.


While I agree on the longevity (regarding software updates) of Pixel devices, I wouldn’t say fair materials are a perk of the upcoming Pixel 6.

Dead last in this ranking of ethical mobile phones.


If they use up their stock of old phones (but not the spares) before announcing an new phone, in the month they said they would, then I don’t see the problem. If this is all you have to complain about, then it’s not that bad, right?


Yes, this is one of the problems our world is suffering from most: Impatience which leads to more consumption because everything has to be there immediately and which in exchange leads to pressure on people working on these things. Calm down, take one step back, expect less and get excited more (which is easier if expectations were low before).
And I think to myself what a wonderful world this could be…


More pictures und speculative information:
Metal frame
Fingerprint reader in the power button
Laser autofocus?
Headphone jack: not visible in the pictures :frowning:


And the speaker NOT on the side anymore (right?).
That orange-ish protuberance should be there to facilitate the battery replacement, if I got it right.


Sounds good.
The assumption for the third hole on the back sounds legit.
What do ppl say to the Snapdragon 750G - was it mentioned before?


750G was leaked via Benchmark


Nice, I like the idea of metal frame. Just too bad, 3,5 mm jack will probably not be there.
And we still don’t know anything about the screen. Will it be IPS LCD or OLED…


Just compared the 650G with my almost 5 year old Krin 960 (Huawei Mate 9)

Of course that is an upgrade on most points and performance is better.
But some points (like the speed) isn’t that much of an upgrade.
CPU speed isn’t everything I know and I do not borther to much, as I never had the feeling, that my Mate9 were to slow or weak for something.
Just interesting to see, that 5 years didn’t make such a big impact - just from high range to mid range.

Oh and I saw little holes on thetop and on the left site - any clue what that is?

They look like standard microphones to me


On the bottom yes, but on the side and on the top aswell? But probably yes…

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That was my thought to. Than I would have 3 microphones - is hat common?

Perhaps the hole on the side is part of an opening mechanism.

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You are right. And for me, no jack, no buy. I don’t want an unknown third-party USB-to-analog adapter, nor bluetooth headphones with yet another battery.
So the situation is very simple for me : just wait the return of the last FP3+ :pleading_face:


I am still buying FP4, because my FP2 is really in a bad stage. I will not buy any headphones for now. For now I can use my partners BT headphones for a while.