Fairphone novelty (novelties?) to come on 30 September 2021

This whole phone looks odd to me… Like if they had to make it ugly because it’s fairer, repairable and more ecological… FP2 and 3 had nice design, even if retro… The transparent or black or vivid cover colors helped, though.

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I imagine, they did the triangle for easier modul-changes.
But for me most camera modules with more than two cameras do not look very esthetic.
And the one of the iPhone 11 and Pixel 4 look similar though.
So for me it’s not better of worse then the others.


I totally agree there, it always looks clumsy and out of balance. And frankly, it keeps reminding me of the blind sign. I don’t know if there is any design way out of this … maybe you’d have to cover the whole back area with faux lenses to turn it into a design pattern so the 2-3 actual lenses don’t stick out.

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Then put them in a square, not a triangle… And I wish a black or a blue color would be possible.


It would be better for future camera upgrades if the module form was a square, just in case it would be possible to add an additional lens…


Not to mention the square shape surrounding cameras makes the phone more stable when the phone lies on a table…

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I think that is not plausible. The phone rests on that protruding camera area and the phone corner diagonally on the opposite end. I think under these circumstances, the triangle shape makes for a more stable position as the phone rests on an edge (the camera triangle’s longest edge) and the far corner of the phone – when the cameras are in a square, the phone will rest on two points (the lower right corner of the camera area and the far corner of the phone) and no edge.


True… except if you press the screen over that diagonal, no?


The whole problem wouldn’t exist at all if people would accept the whole device to have the thickness at the camera area. Flat phone instead of a “slim” phone with a Notre-Dame hunchback.


Or side by side like on the Pixel 6.

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Found it in a third shop…and realised, that they all habve the 265GB version in grey and green but the 128GB is only listed in grey.

Wantet to go for the 128GB version in green.

But they do have the protective case in both colors.



I was also looking for the green 128 version. But I’ll wait and see. My FP2 will have to last for 2 months more (then it will have its 5 birthday :slight_smile: ) and then I will replace it with 128 version of FP4. I just hope, that I will be able to buy it from /e/.

As someoneelse said, e/ is planing on announcement as well so I’m optimistic it will be on the FP4.
It’s possible to run normal appstore apps on it isn’t it?
Like some I bought on the playstore?


… or /e/ OS does it? I mean, they already proposed Fairphones 3 and Fairphones 3+ with /e/ preinstalled…

I’d say it’s easy to install any of the normal apps that you can find on F-Droid, which is 90% of the apps.
Now, some complex ones, that specifically rely on Google functions, may not work. For my use this may cover some banking apps, for instance.

Right, for me it is Threema, finance apps, streaming apps, apps for work and so on…
I did test F-Droid but PlayStore is necessary for me, hope that will be possible.

you can always use Aurora Store to install all apps from play store, still some apps refuse to work on custom roms…


There are ways to install Apps from the Play Store, but you will not have the Play Store in /e/.

Always tricky on Custom ROMs.
Check beforehand and be aware they can fail at any time depending on the kind of security checks they run to ensure a secure phone environment (hint: they don’t like Custom ROMs much).

Not guaranteed to work or at least not guaranteed to work continuously in /e/, if they are dependent on Google services (aka GSF).
You can check for this dependency by searching for the Apps in question in Aurora Store (an Open Source client for the Play Store).
Using a Custom ROM for work-related stuff should be considered really well beforehand.


Thanks to both of you that helps. Will check the Aurora Store.

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I personally don’t like /e/, so I’m going to wait for a community LOS port.

Edit: I also just realised that it doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor on the back. Depending on if it is located underneath the display I might not buy the phone at all since I and many others really really really don’t want to use them.