Fairphone novelty (novelties?) to come on 30 September 2021

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Fairphone Contest Terms & Conditions (Something is coming) - Fairphone

Just enter the email you are already using for the newsletter I suppose, or rather click on the link from the newsletter you received :slight_smile:

Question to anyone receiving the newsletter in languages in which the gender of the article is visible (French, German, …): is the “a ____” feminine or masculine? It might give us an indication whether it’s a tablet or a computer for example :slight_smile:

Also, I am quite critical about the fact Fairphone are offering something one doesn’t necessarily need without knowing in advance what it is just for marketing.


en: a phone
de: ein Telefon, ein Handy
ein = unbestimmter Artikel (indefinite article)
So, no chance for indication

BTW - I prefer the surprise. Then there is no disappointment. No speculation. Reading through the post is quite funny.
Wait, Speculation “Ever Given” … LOL

Weil, you always can give it away here in the market section. I’m quite sure someone needing it will be found… :slight_smile:


Hey Lidwien, hope you are good!

Our new office runs when possible with 100% solar (we have them on the rooftop) and it is filled with wind energy when necessary. Heating works with 100% green gas (surely not completely sustainable, but a good way forward!). Not sure you can call that climate neutral… we still have trash… (like normal office trash) :slight_smile: Hope you like this!


Nothing novel about that 100% solar, own server, less than 1Kw day, wood for everything else, and that’s just old fashioned. :slight_smile:
So are Fairphone going to give away a few solar panels and a controller, that would be a new twist then people could charge their phones, oh and a charging unit to save the bottom module having to be replaced

Yeap! that’s it. The prize is 1 x 250W solar panel, 1 x controller to 12v, 1 x car charger and 1 x independent battery charger.

Sorted: Now I’m happy :partying_face:


Absolutely! Current newsletter subscribers are also welcome to participate by signing up and answering 1 question. :grin:


In my personal view this would be the best thing to happen!

I am ok with my FP3+, but it is very obvious that the SoC is just mid-range and already three years old now. Sure, I can run all the apps I want, but switching apps and especially scrolling is a bit laggy compared to other phones.
Not a big deal, but as apps are getting more and more demanding, I am not sure if this phone really will make it through the next 4 years, as I initially planned.

And of course, an OLED screen would be very appreciated! Last week I showed some pictures on my FP3+ to a friend.
He: “You really need a new phone!”
Me: “No, the phone is ok. Don’t judge the whole phone by the display.”

It’s true, the FP3(+) display looks really not so good compared to other phones and their (OLED-)screens. Contrast is low and colours are not very vibrant.
And some other phones have the ability to fine-tune color and contrast, which is completely missing on the FP3(+), there is just the blue-light-filter.

In summary: The FP3(+) is ok, but there is enough room for improvements. A FP4 would be very welcome :wink:


All this stuff about what a new phone would be nice to have is not quite the topic ‘Novelties to come in September’

All the other has been and could be added to the discussions on a number of other properly related topics :slight_smile:


Especially as @Antoine has mentioned

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I would disagree, as this is about what we think will be coming and why not e.g. hoping for a new Display module or new SOC or whatever even if probably unrealistic?

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:de: # Fairphone 4: Faires Smartphone bald mit 5G-Unterstützung & Android


Oh, so it really seems to be a Fairphone 4.

Edit: Or a tablet maybe.

That would mean a new phone after only two years, with better specs and a higher prize? Not exactly the same like Apple or Samsung, but trying to follow their footsteps. I wouldn’t like that.


I won’t buy it because my FP2 is running just fine, but if it makes more people buy a Fairphone instead of some other new phone, then I think that’s a good thing.


Every medal has two sides, of course. Creating a demand for a new device, although the old one is still working and supported, is not, what I expect from Fairphone.
If you are not tempted to buy one, that’s good. But other people will.


While I understand the environmental resource issues, more FP phones in circulation that are Fairtrade is what I am happy about as it means more people are taking on the issue of the working environment for specific groups of people and not what I see a no-goer ~ the environment.


I don’t think a FP4 would be that big of an issue. Today you can start seeing low-tier smartphones with FP3+ spec. Many people who’d like to support Fairphone and buy a FP3 in 2022 might decide to not do that because of the low-specs for 2022. To reach out to new people I think a new FP4 might be a very good idea. I don’t think people that had bought and own a working FP2 will jump to buy a FP4 just to buy a new model: fairphone is not like apple and fairphoners are different too.
A friend of mine had an accident and broke its 5 years old huawei. He asked me for a new phone with 5G because “I want a small phone that lasts 5-6 years and I think by that time I’ll need 5G”. I won’t discuss his claim. This is how many people think. And I cannot recommend them a FP3+ unfortunately.
I think Fairphone is doing a good job supporting the 2015-designed 6 years old Fairphone2. And a new phone maybe can make the grow. Even the software team.


The FP1 came out in 2013, the FP2 in 2015. Perhaps the FP3 was an exception (and it was originally supposed to come out in August 2018 IIRC), and seeing how the sales of the FP2 went down in early 2019, I think Fairphone wouldn’t want to wait too long for the FP4.
Nevertheless, I’m wondering if they would then keep on selling the FP3(+). I hope so, if the FP4 is really 700€. It would at least let the choice to the users to buy a FP3(+), at least until stocks last (which I expect to be soon depleted).


I promised the same and i really like my FP2 but over the years i think i “need” a new one.

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