Fairphone novelty (novelties?) to come on 30 September 2021

I feel “under teaserd”. The last one is 6 days ago. Wished for more closeups or similar - just something to keep us excited - something more, than “the ______ you waited for” Gifs…
And yes - maybe I’m a little impatient… :roll_eyes:

I wonder? I was initially wondering how long before launch Fairphone state they are ready to launch a new phone i.e. an FP4, but look what I found. Maybe there is a new core module for there FP3 with swapable CPU and RAM.

Now that’s innovation.

“Development cycle is 18 months long, so yes, we are thinking about Fairphone 3. We continuously want to improve and we are already working on how to further simplify the user experience and the phone modularity. It is already very easy to replace and upgrade Fairphone 2 components, we will go even further with version 3. We would like it is possible to change even more, like the processor or the internal memory, which is not yet possible.

So maybe an FP4 with upgradable CPU, RAM and screen. :crossed_fingers:

If it wasn’t for our dreams, where would we be?


That would be really nice. I also hope to see “FP4” which could be swappable with FP3 and FP5 :slight_smile:


It wouldn’t be swappable with the FP3, I don’t believe so, because this would have required them planning such upgrade possibilities when releasing the FP3, which isn’t the case.


On 3rd of september there will be a new music video from " Blaudzun". In the Promo Video he uses two (as I think) older FP. Maybe in the official Video he will use two FP4 than. :crossed_fingers: :stuck_out_tongue:


my thought was about a phone which you can use as a Tablet.

but i dont think it will be, i am a Photographer and really wished that the FP3+ was enough for me but it wasn’t as i do have to take my Phone to take quick pictures. The Quality wasnt good enough so i talked to Fairphone back in February wether there are plans for a new phone with a new camera.

They told me the FP3+ is brand new they doesn’t plan a phone within the next 1.5 years.


Bang goes the FP4 for another year, that’ll make some people happy, I’ll email Fairphone. I was hoping an FP4 may satisfy my daughters wants I’ve been told the FP3 falls a bit short.

… or a tablet… The way they present it in the video, a single tablet would easily replace the complex setting used (will you ever use two phones to send a better pic of you talking?)

I think the final sequence in the clip may be one where the two Fairphones are tuned into a (700€) tablet.

Personally I’d jump on it if /e/ OS supports it

I remember, just before Fairphone 3 there was an intense pressure here in the forum around a possible tablet.
Not that the forum is actually representative of FP sales or customer trends, but at this moment, there is still no fair tablet on the market…

Yes it’s more entertaining and you have a spare phone.

So you’ll do it alone, as none of your correspondents will accept running two connections at the same time.

Wouldn’t take this for grant, as FP istn’t very open in giving insights of development and new products anyway.
They let us know as the time comes - so I’m still mainly seeing a FP4 coming - everything else would be a pity for me.

Well theoretically as each phone has it’s own sim and number I could join myself in a video call and invite others.

Of course my mouth may be either side of or above my eyes, I said it could be entertaining :smiley: :upside_down_face:

It is not the FP1 and FP2 I think it is more FP3 design but it look like the space below an above screen is bigger.

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FP3 :+1: The space being bigger is probably just that the size of the video doesn’t fill the screen and the background is black.

new core module for FP3 … would be simply amaizing … certified source? :slight_smile:

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my money is too on that article, all that frustration can’t be without consequences :slight_smile: maybe software support that will make at least the Android ecosystem look bad… to stick it to the Apple, why not 5 more years for the FP3… qualcomm SoCs have increasingly good mainline kernel support, if firmware too is supported by QCom and a paid contract, 5years+ is not impossible. Now for the gadget… earplugs? :slight_smile:

Just saw you can’t buy the FP 3+ right now im Germany, hope we get to know more in a few days

If this is on purpose, that could indicate a soon release - not just a soon announcement.

The announcement will probable in September. I could see it next Friday with the new FP in the new Music Video.

I’m not quite sure - but did the Terms & Conditions of the contest change - they now say the winner will be notified by the 8th of October - had something like 17th of September in mind.


Correct it was in September somewhere

I think it shifted about a month, I remember, that the winner should be notified around the beginning of September, and published at the end.