Fairphone not working, no answer from Tech support

I’m coming on this forum, as I’ve had no help from the technical support. I’m so angry and regret so much buying this phone, even if I was so happy at first. Let me explain :
I’ve received the phone after 6 months (like probably lots of customers). But as I didn’t expect it to take that long, I got it during a period of time in which I was too busy to really test the phone.
But it happened that when having time to do it, I finally discovered that my phone had huge stability issues. It crashes almost all day long, for no particular reason (I’ve tested it in lots of different situations). The back (main) camera is also not working.
But as the 14 days after shipping were passed, I couldn’t send it back to get my money back. So I tried to contact the technical support for help, and have an answer to what I had to do to fix it. But it’s been a month since I submitted my complain, and I still have no answer.
Therefore, I now realize I’ve made the worst purchase I’ve ever made. So as I had no answer, I bought an iPhone (even if i hate Apple), and it works perfectly.

So if please, some of you guys could help me either get in contact with the tech support, have my phone repaired/refund, or if you want to buy a new Fairphone 2 for 400€, please answer me.

Hoping for an answer :disappointed:

Not working camera: are you running the last OS version (18.01 update) ?
Random reboot : Have you read the #rebootsguide ?
Support: you may want to try to call them

See #rebootsguide

Do you get an error message?
When did you get your phone (trying to determine whether you have the new camera module already)?

I really understand your frustration and support really has room for improvement…
But, come on, seriously?
Buying an Apple-phone even if you hate them? Were all the other brands sold out?

As @AnotherElk already stated: Give them a call; that speeds things up. Have your ticket number, your IMEI and your order-number at hand and I guess (at least I hope) you will be surprised how fast things can go.

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