Fairphone not starting, no reaction, only getting hotter

I have a Fairphone 1 from October 2013.
It has a new battery from about a year ago and I used to reload the battery with an external battery loader (due to the fact that the usb-adapter was turning loose). The battery is looking normal it is not hot and not bloated.

Today I woke up to the problem, that my phone was turned off.
I was puzzled, as it had enough energy in the evening, reloaded the battery, and can not turn my phone on.
There is no difference when I try to start the phone, no phone screen, no vibration, nothing. The phone just stays dark.
Insteadt the top part of the phone, ABOVE the battery, is getting really hot. On the front - especially the part on the top right, on the back it just feels hot everywhere above the battery.

Do you have any idea? A quick search through the forum did not provide me with any help.

I would really like to get the phone going!

thank you for your help!

Can you get into #dic:recoverymode ?

no, unfortunately not.

Sounds pretty bad unfortunately… :frowning:

hmm… that is bad indeed!
I never thought my phone would pass away like that.
Without any chance of getting the data of my phone…

do you know any way to read the internal memory of a broken phone?

I have no real idea either, but if you haven’t done so yet, you can learn what components sit on the motherboard above the battery through iFixit’s detailed photos and descriptions (especially step 6 = screen side and step 7 = back side).

Have you already removed the SIM card(s) and Micro SD card and tried if it makes a difference?

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I removed the sd-card and the SIM card, without any change (in fact, I had already removed them).
When looking at the iFixit teardown I’d say it is the area of the CPU and to the right of it - but I will teardown my phone myself in the evening and take a closer look.

And, I discovered that my phone is starting to get hot as soon as I place the battery in the battery tray - without any button pressing whatsoever.

Maybe your power button is defunct?

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how would I test for that?

Here you go:

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oh, thats beyond my capacities… :slight_smile:
would a broken button result in an immediate rise of the temperatur of the chips on the motherboard?

I’m not sure, but it would possibly explain why your phone doesn’t react to pressing the button.

I’ve had that effect a couple of times with my FP1. I think it was because it was updating something and either the battery ran out or the Internet connection was interrupted. After a couple of battery removals, recharges and restarts, it recovered.

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