Fairphone not charging or turning on - Please help!

For the last few days my phone hasn’t been charging properly - I have ordered a new charger, but I tried to “reboot” to see if that was the problem (as is mentioned in other forum posts), and it now doesn’t turn on - if it is plugged into the charger, the ‘low battery’ symbol comes up, following by a page saying I have 23% battery, but any attempts to turn it on or boot it from recovery mode (with or without the charger connected) just lead to a blue screen flashing and dying again. Help!

Have you already contacted support about this?

If not, please contact support directly as it sounds like you might have a hardware fault

It’s now turning on but still not charging unless it’s run out of battery, and then very slowly and only when off. I’ve emailed support this morning - thanks!

Please let us know, when you hear from them.