Fairphone meeting in Basque Country (February 2, 2017)

Hello everyone!

This is a message to any Fairphoner from Euskadi (or any other Fairphoner looking for a “great” excuse to come and visit! :wink: )

We have organized a Fairphoners meeting in Vitoria-Gasteiz next February the 2nd. Here information of the event in facebook.

The meeting point will be the coworking of Colegio Vasco de Economistas, who have kindly offered the space for it.

The intention of the meeting is to have the opportunity to meet in person (and know each other) as users of Fairphone, and also spread the word about Fairphone “movement” among people interested in knowing about it.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact to Ivan del Caz in this telephone: (+34)945.25.02.09

Hoping to see you there!!


Great to hear it! :smiley: Be sure to enter the details into Fairphone’s official event calendar!


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