Fairphone Longevity Promotion Pack

I’ve tried to register for the Longevity Promotion Pack (Fairphone 3 - Now with free Longevity pack) but never got an answer or a confirmation mail. So i tried it again after a week, this time getting rejected since i cant register twice.
I tried mailing Fairphone about this, but i only got an unhelpful autoresponse. My message via Instagram was ignored completely.

How do you guys get in contact with Fairphone? Their “customer support” is really something else…

Please contact fairphone@activationboxx.com

But perhaps it can assure you a bit that I also did not get a confirmation email before I wrote to the above email address. They then resent the confirmation email and then it arrived. I think sometimes emails can be filtered out even before your spam folder.

And by the way, I am still waiting for my pack, too, although I registered on 11 March. I am sure I will still get it. :slight_smile:

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Hi. What if I’m paying a montly fee for my Fairphone 3 since October 2020? Can I get this promotion? (Because from 31/03 to 31/04 I paid a fee of course XD) Thank you :slight_smile:

Au hur, auf die Aachener ist Verlass, wa :sweat_smile: Danke für die schnelle Antwort und den Link, habs jetzt mal darüber versucht!

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I guess not, but i’m not sure. Good luck trying to get an answer from their support! :wink:

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Vielleicht interessiert’s Dich ja, falls noch nicht gesehen:

Unter dem Foto dort sind auch ein paar allgemeine Infos.

By the way, I just got my shipping notification for my Longevity Pack (shipping via DPD).

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