Fairphone isn't sustainable for me. Sadly

Without clear reason, it just died. My FP3+. Pfff. Something around the battery/charging. Even I have a spare FP battery from my FP3 which had its own issues with the not functioning upgraded Camera module. So now, I have 2 Fairphones in just 4 years of time. Just a normal user I think. One is completely dead, The older one works, but only makes selfies as the module connection is bad. So should I get the FP4? And can I take out the harddisk somehow? I lost a lot valuable data

Feel heartbroken. I want to have a sustainable phone, but the Fairphones are not suitable, unfortunately. Wish the 5 years guarantee was there before.

So. How green is it to get another FP within 5 years? I hate to go back to a brand without a clear sustainble policy, but this cost me too much. Even more, I’m a green business owner who used FP always to promote and explain the circular model.


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A Smartphone has no hard disk. Only a SD card might be inserted. If it is configured as mobile data, you can take it out and read it everywhere.

Yes I can understand the disappointment.

If your data is not on a ‘portable’ SD card then you cannot retrieve the data unless yo can power on the phone. There is no hard disk to remove.

You best hope is to find a fairphoneangels near you than can check the battery and charging port in the bottom module.

Cleaning the inside contacts may also get the phone to function

So the change of the battery didn’t help? Have you tried replacing the bottom module? That could fix the charging issue, assuming, of course, that the core module isn’t toast. You can also contactsupport, maybe it’s still possible to fix it somehow (albeit not under warranty).

Have you tried cleaning the connector with some isopropyl alcohol?

If you want to stick with Fairphone and can afford to wait a few months, I definitely recommend getting the FP5. I think it’s safe to assume that it should be released this fall.

If the data was stored in the internal storage and the core module is faulty, then probably not. Sorry.

Well, s**t happens. :man_shrugging: I understand it’s frustrating, but this is far from a standard user experience. If none of the phones is usable and cannot be repaired, then there is simply no other option than buying a new one. And no one can blame you for choosing a different brand.

Green hmm!

Given your are a green business owner that is a judgement none can make for you.

I go for the the Fair trade and avoid ’ green’ ethics and am vegan for 50 years. Care for the people that produce is my only concern so I would buy another Fairphone although there is the Shift phone option.

Better Link To Fairphone Angel Map

So where are you?

@Patrick71 since you have two FP3s, you can easily try to fix this issue yourself by opening both up and swapping the bottom module of the older phone into the newer phone - that will likely fix your charging problem and even if it doesn’t, it will give you valuable information.

If you decide to give up on Fairphone, please consider donating your phones to your local Fairphone Angel (see above)

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Thanks to all to try to help me out.

I was hopeful about swapping the bottom module, but that didn’t solve the issue. Does someone recognize the following? After the 3+ was switched off, I could get it started while connected to the cable (the battery couldn’t be empty actually). However, I didn’t see the charging light. The Android screen appeared but it got stuck there and seconds later it was off again. I replaced the battery, but that didn’t help. I opened the inside up and didn’t see anything, but after I closed it and replaced the battery I had a weird moment (not sure if it happened right away or after trying to restart). The phone got stuck in vibration mode. Normally this takes a second, but now it kept going. As I feared it blow up in my face I took out the battery. I think it can be declared dead since.

One more thing. Two days prior I ignored a system update. I wonder if it somehow spontaneously updated and got stuck. I’m not too technical, but maybe this rings a bell.

So again thanks to all for your advice. I will look up an angel and hope to get it on again to at least download some data I lost.

Actually, that already FP5 is coming is new to me. I wonder why it is so fast after releasing FP4. For me, it is too late anyway. I found a refurbished Sony I will get. It might not be as easy to open, but I trust Sony’s quality to last long. Plus its camera is superior IMO. This phone cost me less than half the FP4.

Fairphone does great work to transform the industry, but my user experience wasn’t great.

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Right now, it’s just a rumor. But if it comes at the end of the year, it is a two year cycle, that seems to be the Fairphone routine now: FP3 2019, FP4 2021, FP5 2023?

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