Fairphone is very slow

For approximately 3 weeks the fairphone is very slow. It goes out alone. I installed the last version, here is the reference Android 5.1; Fairphone OS 1.7.1.

En Français : depuis environ 3 semaines, le téléphone fonctionne lentement, il s’éteint de manière inopinée.
J’ai installé les dernières versions proposées Android 5.1; Fairphone OS 1.7.1. Le Fairphone n’est pas tombé, n’a pas été sous l’eau, etc… Je n’utilise pas d’oreillette, de GPS…
Je ne trouve pas de réponse dans les différents articles du forum.

Merci par avance de vos conseils

It sounds like a virus. I used to have the same problem. My solution was to do a hard reset and install Norton anti virus and CCleaner.

About the famous random reboots: I’ve excepted that as a part of the Fairphone experience.

Thanks. But i am not sure to be able to do a hard reset. If someone can explain me!!!

Check this out.

I do a hard reset… The FP2 walks very slowly. Tomorrow, I return the phone by post because I am not geek.Thanks for your answer. Best regards

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Please read returning the phone. By sending your phone in by the proper channel, Fairphone can help you far better.

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