Fairphone is terrible since Android 7

Hello everyone
Ok so where to start… The battery life is terrible, to the point I thought my previous battery was dying and I bought a new one… for exactly the same duration in the end. I lasts something like 5 hours and then I have 15% battery. Yay.

The most terrible part now is : EVERYTHING IS SLOW.

Like really. Booting is slow, using it is slow, whenever I open the browser (Chrome or Firefox for mobiles or whatever browser) , the phone FREEZES for 1 min before I can use it again.

Everything is crashing, my apps are not responding, it takes MINUTES just to send a 2 characters text message.

Everything was fine with Android 6, now it’s just awful. I have the first generation of Fairphone 2, I have it since January 2014, I changed EVERY SINGLE PART except the motherboard.

My screen failed to work twice, I changed the top module, the bottom module twice, and now the battery. I spent more money in this phone than I would have spent in a brand new iPhone.

Except I don’t want iPhone, I want Fairphone, because it’s fairtrade, because it respects people and all. Yay awesome. Thanks god it’s me talking and not a tech-fanboy who is trying Fairphone for the first time.

Why ? Why exactly do I have to spend like 900€ in a phone over the years and it DOESN’T WORK ??

Really, everything is slow, believe me. It’s terrible.

Maybe is it because I have a 2014 Fairphone ?

Please help


That doesn’t sound normal (at least I do not experience such problems).

Have you tried to reset your phone to factory settings (Settings - Backup & reset - Factory data reset)? Your data will be deleted, so save your complete data externally first.


I will try it, and let you know in a few days of the results


I don’t think you have a Fairphone 2 from 2014 because the first devices were delivered in December 2015.


Yeah sorry my bad, 2015 you’re right

It’s form January 2015

Upgrading an existing Android installation to a major new Android version seems to always give mixed results. And it seems with your Fairphone 2 you have gone through that twice, from the original Android 5 to Android 6 some time ago, and now from Android 6 to Android 7.

In case the suggested factory reset doesn’t do the trick (meaning your problems would not be related to Apps or user data), I would recommend a real OS cleanup …



Just wanted to pass on that I am in exactly the same boat. I would be interested to hear if your reboot does any good as since the update my FP2 has been embarrassingly bad - I have stopped recommending it to people as it just is so unreliable as a phone.

Hopefully the reset works and we can get some of that speed and reliability back.


Update : the factory reset seems to work in the few hours after doing it, my phone is really faster and the battery life has improved. Just now I want to check for the whole week if it stays like that. I’ll keep you updated


Update : 2 days later it’s still going fine, just I notice that the battery gets a bit hot sometimes but it’s nothing like I was used to experience before



Although the software issue can be fixed with a hard reset, the FP2 is not a heavy app - proof device. I have to use Chinese apps for my work and no matter how many times I do the hard reset, my FP2 shows down and the battery melts pretty fast…

The real problem is the hardware. Not so efficient, and really not long lasting (I had to replace almost everything as well).

Me too, the only reason why I keep it is for ethical reasons. But I decently can’t recommend it to anyone…


I experience the exact same thing. Battery life is really bad. Goes - at one point - from 50 % tot zero in less than an hour. Or even, upon rebooting, I get 37% again, but when I try to take a picture - which seems like to last forever - the battery dies on me. New camera, new mic, … same here. But a factory reset? Really?

Perhaps it’s an idea to give the battery a #dic:kickstart.

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Hi, no avail.
Extra problem: all of sudden 4G stopped working.
Offline, while mobile data is on.

How is your phone now? It’s been about 1,5 months since you last this last update.

My phone is trash after the latest update, I am getting really desperate. It can’t connect to the SD-card which is where I have all my pictures, which also means that I can’t use the camera at all because it has no way of saving the pictures. Now the battery is horrible and the phone gets really hot all the time. I was thinking of buying a new battery but after having read this thread I realize that it wouldn’t solve my problem. So many things not working right now.

Oh hi sorry for the lack of update on the situation, I got busy and completely forgot that.
well after 1,5 months, my phone is perfectly fine. Gets slow sometimes with heavy memory consuming apps, but overall it’s fine really.
had some problems with the charge that solved by themselves, but that’s all :slight_smile:

So, it happened. My FP2 is dead. Well, not entirely, but it sleeps, for a while. I bought a second-hand (refurbished) Samsung, for the time being. Eagerly awaiting the FP3 (of which I hope will come with less bugs and system-glitches). Now, the question: can I send muy FP2 to Fairphone to have it revised, and will they send it back? Cheers!

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I guess, you will have to ask Fairphone, as this is a forum by users with Fairphone employees only visiting irregularly.
Try contacting support.
Maybe by phone? I just hope, those numbers are still working.

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