Fairphone got wet, completely unresponsive

Hi everyone, my fairphone got water over it and doesn’t work anymore. It is a FP1 I bought personally from someone who bought it second-hand on the Internet, but it looked unused, new and fine except for a tiny scratch. Worked perfectly when I first used it. Then I was stupid enough to let it have a water accident. I didn’t know you weren’t supposed to immediately try to switch it on (… never had a smartphone before). It showed the Android robot, but later it showed a multicoloured screen and made a loud bleep. Back home I left it to dry for a day, after that it switched on and showed the blue “loading” screen, but then nothing. I haven’t been able to switch it on since, no reaction whatsoever.

I realize I am probably an unsavable case, but might as well try…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Check out the great #waterwiki (click!) written by @paulakreuzer.

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