Fairphone got a mind of its own

hi folks,
i own an FP1U which was delivered just about two weeks ago. it has been working fine so far - but today, after a fairly long skype call (approx 50 mins) the phone started acting as if it had a mind of its own… at first i switched to the browser - but the phone started following some random links from the opened page… then somehow it switched back to skype (the only other open app) and started typing gibberish and activate menus at random… my worry was that the phone got somehow compromised. i did not manage to shut it down - but removed the battery instead.

after reboot, all seems to be fine. i added Lookout, but it doesn’t seem to report any problem. a google search seems to suggest that this might be a) either to overheating (could be an issue - i noticed that the phone gets fairly warm after such a long skype call), or b) to faulty hardware.

anybody has experienced anything similar? or would have an answer/explanation?

appreciating all help!

Hi @csant,

others have reported to have similar issues. I don’t think you need to worry about the phone being compromised! What I find weird is that it’s ok again after the reboot, all the other users seem to have this issue constantly. In this other topic, it was recommended to raise a ticket with the Support team, they seem to be working on a solution.
Did you upgrade to 1.6 Cherry?
Or did you by any chance charge your phone while this happened?

hi! thank you for the quick reply! i also just now noticed that others have been reporting the same issue, somehow (stupidly) i didn’t notice the reports before…

to answer your questions:

  • yes, i updated to Cherry 1.6 a few days ago
  • no, i was not charging the phone when it happened
  • i noticed it only today, once - i surely hope this won’t happen with a too high frequency! i’ll report back on that…

it seems to be impossible to follow up in a support request… so i’ll just drop the followup comments here:

i can confirm that it happens after long(ish) skype calls and the phone is very hot. if, after finishing the call and when noticing first signs of “wildness”, i let the phone rest for a few minutes, until i don’t feel it hot at the touch anymore, the wildness disappears. it does somehow seem to be related to temperature. the trick is not to give it too much keyboard input after a call and let it rest instead…

Hello :smiley:

I have the same problem with a first edition fairphone. It just started acting all weird. In mail it opens emails, wants to reply, it types by itself sometimes, apps get closed. It does not happen just when the phone is hot, but all the time now. I upgraded to 1.6, i wiped the phone and set up everything fresh, still the same problem :frowning: I opened a ticket, but maybe I should send the phone in for repair.